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Report: Ray Allen to decide future after All-Star break, Miami Heat in the mix

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Ray Allen played the last two seasons for the Miami Heat, but has been mulling his future during the coarse of the season. Now it seems he may be ready to make a decision.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Miami Heat are very thankful for the time that Ray Allen spent with the team the past two season, which included one championship. But there's very few people who think Allen would desire a return to Miami this season.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN is reporting that Ray Allen will likely make his decision whether or not to return to the NBA this season after the All-Star break. And guess what? The Miami Heat are seemingly in the mix.

Windhorst lists the Heat, Cavaliers, Hawks, Warriors, Wizards, Spurs and Clippers as teams that are looking for Allen's services. What's interesting? The Heat are the only team in that mix that has a losing record. So it seems really unlikely that Allen, 39, would like to come and try to help the Heat make it out of the first round of the Playoffs. However, Allen is still residing in Miami, which could play a role.

A more likely scenario seems like any of the other teams. The Cavaliers offer the familiarity with LeBron James. The Hawks offer one of the best offensives and ball movement teams in the league. The Wizards offer a clear role for Ray behind Bradley Beal as they look to win the East. The Spurs offer a championship opportunity. The Clippers would like to see what Chris Paul could create for Ray. And the Warriors just offer the most exciting brand of ball we have in an explosive offense.

The Heat? The offer another opportunity to backup Dwyane Wade and probably start a large number of games as Wade misses often. Doesn't seem as appealing. But the Heat have thought about the possibility of a Allen return. The only issue with the timing of it is that they just guaranteed the contract of Tyler Johnson for the remainder of the season. The Heat have 15 players (the maximum) on the roster, all with guaranteed contracts. They would have to cut, and eat one of them to add Allen to the roster.

However, they could entice Allen with the DPE of $2.65 million that they received from the Josh McRoberts injury. I wouldn't get excited about this report, as it seems highly unlikely that Ray would choose the Heat in their current state.

But even if he doesn't come back, we always have this...