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This week's Sunday NBA Playoff Seeds

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How did the NBA do this week?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta's B team beat the Heat last night, and trail only by the half game behind the Warriors for the best record in the league. Riding a four game win streak, they have important games this week against MVP candidate James Harden, then a possible Eastern Conference Finals preview when the Cavs come into town Friday.

Chicago Bulls

The loss of Derrick Rose not only changes this season for the Bulls but there is clearly a new direction needed in terms of an athlete to build around. The Bulls declared Rose will be back in four to six weeks, but how effective will he be once back? This is his third setback in 3 seasons. He has yet to play a full 82 game schedule without surrounding fear for his knees. The first time was a contact injury, the second time was non contact and this latest came during practice. Rose's body is forcing him to either be a jump shooter or not play at all.

At the same time, an explosive player like that can't just stay in place shooting all day long. As most expected, Derrick is having a down year this season but things might get worse before it gets better (if better at all.) It's no longer a question of "if" Rose is the right man to lead the franchise. He isn't. It's time to move on. This week the Bulls play only playoff teams (Clippers, Wizards, Thunder.) Perfect timing right?

Toronto Raptors

Don't look but the Raptors have lost five in a row, including against the New York Knicks...and EVERYONE beats the Knicks.

Is there a guarantee they'll beat the Philadelphia 76ers or New Orleans Hornets this week? Can they even run with the Cavaliers on Wednesday? Coach Dwyane Casey has ran Kyle Lowry into the ground, and Toronto only goes as far as Lowry does. During this five game losing streak he is shooting 29.7% from the field and has averaged only 11 points a game. Lowry and Demar Derozan has even said their game is "trash" right now, while Tyler Hansbrough is that guy that only wants to fight when someone holds him back.

Cleveland Cavaliers

One reason the Cavs are winning? Because of all the losing done by the Eastern Conference. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving both sat out against the Pacers, leaving Kevin Love feeling like he plays in Minnesota again. The result was a 93-86 loss but don't worry LeBron and possibly Kyrie Irving may be back soon. With five games in seven days, rest was needed. Can't forget to mention the most fun possible Finals match ups of all happened against the Warriors this past week and LeBron proved yet again that he seems to have his way with Golden State.

Washington Wizards

The Wizards 3-9 in February, dropping games against the Magic, Pistons, Timberwolves and the Sixers. With a win last night, at least Washington got back into the win column, and face a favorable schedule this week facing the Bulls without Rose, the Heat without Bosh and Milwaukee. If the Wizards continue to struggle, the question becomes, who is worse right now? Toronto or Washington?

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks were supposed to go 2-0 so far in their four-game Western Conference trip but instead lost to the Lakers and Jazz. The Nuggets and Warriors are the next two up. So while it seems as if the Bucks have a firm hold on the sixth seed, they might blink and play the Cavs in the first round.

Miami Heat

How desperate have the Heat gotten to make sure they make the playoffs? How much do they need an offense now that Bosh is out? I'll answer both with four words: Michael Beasley is back. Dywane Wade has been struggling while Goran Dragic continues attacking. Dragic's old team Phoenix comes into town, followed by the Lakers. Remember when the Lakers vs Heat used to be so fun to watch? Oh the good times.

If there is one observation to take this from this roller coaster ride of a season in Miami, it's the fact that Miami has done well finding talent that others have given up on. Since Udonis Haslem, Miami has yet to strike gold. This season it's been Hassan Whiteside and as of late, Henry Walker. Who is Henry Walker you ask? Click right here.

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets haven't been home since February 7th, and finally will play in Brooklyn again Monday night against Golden State. An impressive win over the Mavericks, where five Nets ended up in double figures. Will it be a season changing win? Well right now any win is a good win as long as they don't play the Hawks in the first round.

New York Knicks

Unfortunate that Anthony Mason passed away. Here's my memory of the man who played one All-Star season with my Miami Heat.

Eastern Conference
Seeds Team Record Games Back
1 Atlanta 47-12
2 Chicago 37-22 10
3 Toronto 37-22 10
4 Cleveland 37-23 10.5
5 Washington 34-26 13.5
6 Milwaukee 32-27 15
7 Miami 25-33 21.5
8 Brooklyn 24-33 22

Western Conference

Golden State Warriors

After a loss against the Cavs, I still want to see a Cavs-Warriors Finals regardless of how good LeBron James plays vs them. After a recovery win against Toronto,  Boston, Brooklyn and Milwaukee follow. In another words 4-0 after losing to the Cavs. According to NBA on ESPN, 45% of the country says Curry is your 2015 MVP. I agree with America

Memphis Grizzlies

I might pay to see DeMarcus Cousins vs Zach Randolph more than Floyd vs Manny. The Grizz, who only have a two-game hold over Houston, play the Rockets on Wednesday.

Houston Rockets

Anyone remember who Dwight Howard is? Well James Harden is making sure you have no idea. The MVP candidate continues to impress as the Rockets host the Cavs then travel to Atlanta, and finally come back to face the Grizzlies at home. The Rockets can make a run at the #2 seed and when Dwight Howard comes back, he can finally introduce himself to the team. Oh and James Harden may not play defense but if you're Ricky Rubio, you shouldn't try to play defense on him anymore:

Portland Trail Blazers

After nine out of fifteen losses heading into the All-Star game, the Blazers may have turned the corner with statement wins over the Spurs and Thunder, even overcoming Westbrook's third straight triple double. The Blaze play the Clippers this week in a possible first round preview and then the Mavs after that. With a good run of wins, Portland can take over the #3 seed soon.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers were able to get past the Rose-less Bulls, the Clippers will face re-energized Minnesota tomorrow night. For about four games, you thought life without Griffin would be ok, but then a two-game losing streak against the Grizz and Rockets (possible playoff opponents) only showed how much you need Griffin back to actually make noise in the playoffs.

Dallas Mavericks

Rajon Rondo is SOO easy to coach - Said no one ever. Everyone in Dallas is insisting that all is well with the Mavs, while they quietly lose 2 games in a row against the Hawks and surprisingly against the Nets. While being 2 games up on the Spurs, things could get ugly quick if they don't win again. Quick, someone play an amazing looking layup so you don't have to think about the possible doom in Dallas:

San Antonio Spurs

After a four game losing streak, the Spurs have turned it out, picking up wins against the Kings and the Suns. The winning will most likely continue through this week with Kings, Nuggets, Bulls afterwards. With Dallas looking like it's in trouble, and the favorable schedule, the Spurs could very well go up to #6 in the standings.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Someone commented on KD's Instagram saying "Westbrook is better than you. KD's response: "We play on the same team d**khead, who cares?"  While that remains true, it's been Westbrook so far that has played better. Probably because we don't see much of KD at all. But now with Westbrook being out due to his facial injury, OKC only has one point guard to run the offense. Luckily for them, the next 2 games are against the Lakers and Sixers. Come back Russ. We miss your face. Face meaning whole face.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The last time Minnesota has gotten this much attention, it involved Kevin Love leaving. Now that KG is back, there's a sense of renewed revival, because for once a player wants to actually play in Minnesota!! KG is back and his return video was even better. He also purchased 1000 tickets for fans when they play the Clippers. With Andrew Wiggins, Rubio and Zack Levine, can the Timberwolves make a playoff run next year? Absolutely. Oh and in case you forgot who Zach Levine was....

Los Angeles Lakers

I worry for the entire Lakers roster when Kobe is back playing his last season next year. I worry because of his reaction on Jimmy Kimmel. After watching you'd think the entire roster will be slaughtered by training camp.

Western Conference
Seed Team Record Games Back
1 Golden State 45-11
2 Memphis 42-16 4
3 Houston 40-18 6
4 Portland 38-19 7.5
5 LA Clippers 38-21 8.5
6 Dallas 39-22 8.5
7 San Antonio 36-23 10.5
8 Oklahoma City 32-27 14.5

Conclusion: I tend to always make a goal to write 1500 words or less when doing the Sunday Seeds but always end up failing. Oh well I'll try again next week.