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How has the Goran Dragic acquisition affected Dwyane Wade?

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Goran Dragic's appearance in Miami has caused Wade's numbers to decline slightly, however his presence as a member of the Heat should go a long way in complementing Wade's game down the line.

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Dwyane Wade has undergone a resurgence this season. The star shooting guard came out out firing on all cylinders this season eager to disprove his naysayers after a disappointing NBA Finals and show everybody yet again why he's considered elite.

While he did befall multiple injuries to his hamstring (early in the season and around All-Star Break) , Wade has been relatively healthy. To put it simply, it really did appear if Wade found his groove, but with the trade-deadline acquisition of Goran Dragic he is once again in a situation where he's figuring things out. For an athlete, finding yourself in a new situation is often tough, especially when you're surrounded by new players. When you play with the same teammates for a long time, there is a type of chemistry developed that creates an aura of comfort.

In the case of Wade, this really did happen (and is still happening) when Miami elected to deal Danny Granger, Norris Cole, and Justin Hamilton for Phoenix's star point guard. Now hear me out - I am not saying Wade has been Space Jam talent bad since Dragic arrived in South Beach, (he's actually been very good, especially considering he's coming off of an injury) but he hasn't been the "All-Star" Dwyane Wade either, and maybe that's for the best.

Before Dragic arrived, Wade (in 35 games played) was averaging a phenomenal stat-line of 21.3 point per game, 3.7 rebounds, 5.3 assists, 48.6% from the field and 30.6 % from three point land. In the 8 games that Wade has played with Goran Dragic he's averaged 18.1 points per game, 4 rebounds, 5.8 assists, he's also shooting 39% from the field, and a lowly 13% from beyond the arc. Now these numbers all make sense.

Wade's scoring is down, because Hassan Whiteside is spectacular and is scoring on a consistent basis, and additionally Dragic needs to score to operate the offense. His assists are up because of floor-spacing. Actually a lot comes from floor spacing. It's probably the reason is field goal percentage is down. In the past Wade generally had to isolate, and post up to set up scoring opportunities (See Wade's Brooklyn game) however with Dragic, Wade has more openings, and therefore has the opportunity to shoot a high volume (also he's had a tough time shooting jump shots recently). This plays a role in three point shooting as well. Wade is a really bad three point shooter to say the least, but now with spacing the shots are open, and he's taking them when he probably shouldn't. However, can we really blame him?

Dragic being in Miami, actually might extend Wade's career another few years. With Wade getting older, Dragic allows him to rest and not create so much. This season Dwyane Wade has had stretches where it looked like a one on one battle, and well he's not 25 anymore, so while being battered while bringing a man down into the post before a fadeaway jumper may be an effective way to score, no one can do that all night.

Dragic is a fantastic scorer, so allowing him to shoulder the load while also getting Wade going with transition buckets will be amazing. Basketball is all about finding your rhythm, it's a process. We've seen it with LeBron, hell we even saw it with Shaq, but once true chemistry is found I have no doubt these two will play off each other in a spectacular manner. Wade and Dragic are very similar, both have solid postseason experience, drive recklessly, and most of all are fearless. Who knows, maybe we're looking at the next great Heat duo.