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Five Stars: Heat 104, Nets 98

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Miami places three in tonight's top five players. Tonight, I go down the entire list.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

First Star

Dwyane Wade (MIA) 23.3

Wade scored nine points in both the second and the fourth quarter in keeping Miami relevant to the 2015 NBA Playoff picture. Overall, he played 33:35, sinking 10-of-25 shots and eight-of-11 from the line. He totaled game-highs with 28 points and nine assists, also adding three rebounds and two steals. He finished his night at plus-5.

Second Star

Chris Andersen (MIA) 22.1

The Birdman had his highest game score in almost four years and his third-highest ever, missing only one of his nine field goal attempts on the night. In the league-mandated absence of wunderkind Hassan Whiteside, Andersen was more than able to figuratively fill the youngster's shoes. He scored 18 points overall, going two-of-four from the free throw line. He collected 14 rebounds, including five offensive, along with a steal, an assist, and one block, posting a plus-8 in 29:30.

Third Star

Brooks Lopez (BKN) 17.3

The younger Lopez brother led the Nets with five offensive and nine defensive rebounds, posting a minus-4 rating in 32:35. He made six-of-11 shots, missing his only three-point attempt and making three-of-four from the stripe. He had an assist and a block on a Luol Deng shot in the first quarter.

Fourth Star

Goran Dragic (MIA) 16.1

Dragic made his return to the Heat a triumphant one, ranking third on the team with 17 points on five-of-nine overall shooting. He also drained one of his three triples, six-of-nine foul shots, and dished out three helpers. In 35:26, he also collected two steals and finished with a plus-7 rating.

Fifth Star

Thaddeus Young (BKN) 14.9

Young rounds out the top five players from the game, very narrowly edging out teammate Jarrett Jack. In 33:17, he made six-of-11 field goals, one-of-two three-pointers, and two-of-four one-pointers. He had two offensive and five defensive rebounds, with two steals, an assist, three personal fouls, and a minus-6 rating.

The Rest

Jarrett Jack (BKN) 14.8

Jack averaged nearly a point-per-minute off the bench for visiting Brooklyn, scoring a team-high-tying 18 points in 21:56 on five-of-eight shooting. He made his only three-pointer and seven-of-eight from the charity stripe, along with four assists, four rebounds, four turnovers and a team-high plus-1 rating.

Henry Walker (MIA) 11.6

Walker's fourth consecutive start would see him yield his highest gamescore in over three years. He sunk half of his six field goal attempts, all from beyond the arc, along with six rebounds, four steals, two assists, and a game-high plus-9 rating in 30:47. Walker was also whistled five times. He didn't make any free throw attempts or any field goal attempts from two point distance, finishing with nine points.

Deron Williams (BKN) 11.4

Deron Williams was here, too! He played 31:47 and made six-of-10 shots, to include an efficient three-of-four from outside and three-of-three from the line for a total of 18 points. He had four rebounds, four assists, two steals, and a minus-2 rating, along with five fouls and a less-than-memorable six turnovers.

Mason Plumlee (BKN) 7.8

Plumlee scored eight points in relief for the Nets, going three-of-seven from the field and a wretched two-of-six from the line in 15:25. He had six rebounds, including four of them on the offensive glass, along with a block, a steal, two turnovers, three fouls and a minus-2 rating.

Luol Deng (MIA) 7.1

Deng was Miami's lowest rated starter by this metric, shooting three-of-nine with one three-pointer in four attempts. In a game-high 37:24, he scored a total of 10 points, going three-of-four from the line and adding three assists, a steal, a rebound, a plus-5 rating, and four fouls.

Bojan Bogdanovic (BKN) 4.9

BojBog played over half the game for Brooklyn off the bench, logging 25:54 at multiple positions. He had a mostly forgettable performance, making one-of-three from outside the arc and one-of-three from inside the arc, along with three-of-four from the line. He had three rebounds, two assists, a steal, three turnovers, two fouls, and a minus-2 rating with his eight points.

Udonis Haslem (MIA) 4.4

Alright, clearly the man has seen better days, but night after night he continues to give it everything. Haslem had no touch on his shot tonight, making just two-of-nine shots (including a missed three-point heave) and three-of-five from the line. He made up for it somewhat with a gritty nine rebound, three assist, one block, one steal performance. He played 18:30 altogether, netting seven points, a minus-2 rating, four fouls and a turnover.

Mario Chalmers (MIA) 3.8

Aside from Chalmers' clutch three with less than a minute remaining, Miami's resident scapegoat had a performance he'd probably rather forget. Chalmers' dagger was his first (and only) successful bomb of the night, after having missed his first three tries. Aside from that, he made one-of-three from inside and one-of-three from the line. He also had three rebounds, a steal, three fouls, two turnovers, and a Heat-low minus-5 rating.

Michael Beasley (MIA) 2.8

B-Eazy logged the least time on the floor out of the 18 performers who entered the game, playing 13:33 and totaling three points. He didn't try any shots from outside, and made one-of-two from the field and from the line. He had a helper, a block and a steal, but he also managed to collect five personal fouls in his limited time, finishing with a minus-1 rating.

Joe Johnson (BKN) 2.0

Johnson was perfect from the line, going six-of-six, but otherwise was terrible. He made three-of-11 shots, missing three three-pointers in 35:51. He totaled a dozen points, pulled down three boards, dished out a pair of helpers, committed three fouls and turned the ball over five times, posting a minus-6 rating.

Cory Jefferson (BKN) 0.5

Jefferson played 14:43, making one-of-six shots and missing both of his foul shot attempts. He was the only player from either team to post an even rating, and made two rebounds, one assist, one steal, and two fouls.

Tyler Johnson (MIA) 0.2

I've come to believe that Johnson picks his moments. Tonight he played 15:48, scoring four points on two-of-five shooting. He did not get to the line, and missed both of his three point attempts. He had two rebounds, an assist, a steal, a plus-4 rating, three turnovers and a single foul.

Dog of the Night

Markel Brown (BKN) -1.4

Yeah this was pretty bad. I'm not sure how an NBA player can total 28:32 on the court (one of just 10 guys playing at any time, remember) and finish with as small a statistical footprint as did Brown tonight. He hit both of his foul shot attempts, but missed his three shots from the field. He had one rebound and one steal. That's it. Oh, and four fouls. And a minus-9 rating.