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Sunday Seeds: The current playoff picture in the NBA

A fresh look at the NBA this week.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports
Eastern Conference
Seed Team Record Games Back
1 Atlanta 51-14
2 Cleveland 42-25 10
3 Toronto 39-26 12
4 Chicago 40-28 12
5 Washington 38-28 13.5
6 Milwaukee 34-32 17.5
7 Indiana 30-35 21
8 Charlotte 29-35 21.5


Beating the Phoenix Suns gave the Atlanta Hawks their 21st road victory this season, the best road team in the league. They have yet to lose three games in a row this season, but Mike Scott, an important bench player for Atlanta will be out 4-6 weeks with a broken left toe. The Hawks will be part of the "Best vs Best" game this week traveling to face the Golden State Warriors.


The only team that will threaten Atlanta is the one right below them. Did you see what Kyrie Irving did to the San Antonio Spurs?! One of the most exciting games of the year so far. Sure the Cavs lost against the Hawks but this was followed by a three-game winning streak, while hiding Kevin Love in the process.


The Raptors have gone 2-4 this month and those 2 victories have been against the tanking 76ers and the should-be-tanking Miami Heat. They have easily replaced the Wizards as the worst playoff team so far.


To no one's surprise, Chicago dropped one against OKC Westbrook's on Sunday and play the Pacers, Raptors and 
Pistons this week. All important games for seeding. The wait for Derrick Rose continues as well. as a fan built him a shrine this past week....for his knees.


The Wizards have quietly won three straight, including an important game against the Memphis Grizzlies & a comeback victory against the Sacramento Kings. They shoot their victory, going 17-1 when shooting 50%.


The Bucks have dropped 2 in a row and that sudden grip of the #6 seed is starting to loosen up, especially with the Pacers on the rise. They face the Pelicans this week. Last time they played the Pelicans, this happened:


Indiana is one of the hottest teams in the league. Paul George doesn't know if he should come back, citing the Pacers winning ways as one reason not to. George is an All-Star but will Indiana be getting THAT All-Star back? Do they need him this late in the season when there's always next season to start new with him in the lineup?


Hornets Coach Steve Clifford says Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist can be the best defender this season and Gilchrist said he himself can be the best defender of all time. Do we call the man Kanye-Gilchrist now?


The Miami Heat is tied currently for 10th worst record. They;re also at the doorstep of the playoffs. To tank or antitank? My fellow HHH writer Isaac Koppel writes HERE

Western Conference
Seeds Team Record Games Back
1 Golden State 52-13
2 Memphis 46-20 6.5
3 Portland 43-20 8
4 Houston 43-22 9
5 LA Clippers 42-24 10.5
6 Dallas 42-25 11
7 Houston 40-24 11.5
8 New Orleans 36-29 16

Golden State

While Steve Kerr emails pissed off fans back about sitting his best players and Draymond Green has a back and forth with Doc Rivers, Steph Curry celebrated his 27th birthday by dropping 25 on the Knicks. The Warriors play the Lakers before the best of the best game against the Hawks, followed by the Jazz and Wizards. I'm also joining the line of people looking forward to see Warriors-Clippers in the playoffs. Till then we just have to settle for highlights like this:


A much needed bounce back against the Bucks after dropping 2 against the Celtics and Wizards. John Wall called it disrespectful that the Grizz played without 4/5 of their lineup, but didn't realize the team was playing their 12th game in 19 nights. Mike Conley continues to be out with a sprained ankle. How good can the Grizz be without him?


What's up with headbutting your opponent? is that the new way to knock common sense into him? Blazers big man Joel Freeland was suspended for a game even though you barely notice him on the floor. With an East coast trip ahead, the Blazers only have a one game lead on the Rockets


James Harden continues his MVP season, and Dwight Howard might be back in a few weeks. According to him, he might be better than ever before. Can Dwight take the Rockets over the top though is the question. As well as how will he mesh alongside Harden and Josh Smith in the lineup this late in the season?

LA Clippers

Blake Griffin made his return Sunday against the Rockets, and the Clippers are really trying to be the league's bad boys. Unfortunately for them, no one really takes that label of their's seriously. They still try very hard though:

DeAndre Jordan continues to have a monster season but with Blake Griffin in the lineup, how will it affect him?


Seven Mavs scored in double figures as Dallas crushed the Clippers. Coach Rick Carlisle even credited Rajon Rondo for the win. How times have changed right? What is the potential for these Mavs and is it enough to keep Rondo in Dallas? Thunder up next.

San Antonio

After having a few days to think about the loss vs LeBron, the Spurs face the T-Wolves today in the battle of the 21's (KG vs Duncan.) What else is there to say about the San Antonio. Just mentioning them makes me yawn. Hold on let me yawn.

New Orleans

Tied with the Thunder for that last seed, Anthony Davis continues to round out the MVP discussion this season with his own stellar play. The Pelicans are quietly on a three-game winning streak & has anyone noticed the surprise production of Norris Cole though? I mean bro you couldn't do this in Miami?

Oklahoma City

Every time you think Russell Westbrook isn't the MVP, he give you a triple double. MVP. Since the All-Star break he is AVERAGING a triple double. MVP or MVP?

That's it for this week folks!