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Play NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge with Chalmers, Whiteside, or Haslem

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Mario Chalmers, Hassan Whiteside and Udonis Haslem have all put together brackets for you to play against them, and raise some money for charities.

Everyone loves a little March Madness! Whether you watch college basketball or not, filling out a bracket is all a part of this fun. This year, the round of 64 begins this Thursday at noon. That's when you need to have your brackets done.

But some Miami Heat players have put together bracket challenges on for you to compete against them. While you do that, you can also win some prizes from each bracket. Each player is offering something different from tickets, signed jersey and shoes.

View Mario Chalmers' Bracket Challenge

View Hassan Whiteside's Bracket Challenge

View Udonis Haslem's Bracket Challenge

But the most important part of it is that it raises some money for charities if you are willing to donate. "Playing with Charity Madness adds another level to the competition, bringing awareness to organizations dedicated to improving the lives of others, like Austism Speaks," said Hassan Whiteside , whose little bother has Autism. "The NCAA tournament is the best time of year in college basketball and filling out a bracket makes it even more fun to watch. I like to mix it up - pick some upsets but also play it safe."

So there you have it. You're going to play March Madness anyway, you should just play with some Heat players.