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ReHeat: Wade powers Heat to victory against LeBron and Cavs

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LeBron loses, South Florida rejoices.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, you wondered again what will this Miami Heat team be with Chris Bosh and Josh McRoberts. Yet it was a heavy dose of Dwyane Wade complimented with team effort instead that led the team to victory.

Even though many of the faces this season weren't a part of the team last year, this team looks forward to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Not because LeBron James is coming but because LeBron the-guy-that-decided-to-leave-us is coming. So everyone turned up the Heat as if it were Game 1 in San Antonio again. Wade treats every match up with LeBron is a game to show Kyrie Irving isn't the better sidekick.

The Wade that we all saw last night will be the Wade that is needed for the rest of the way. Even with his efforts, this team is too unhealthy to play a game based off just his scoring.

Hassan Whiteside, the walking double double said afterwards "When we move the ball with low turnovers, I feel like we can beat anybody." Whiteside was part of a unit that scored 79 of the total 106. Add Mario Chalmers and his 16 points and that's 95 total points. Cleveland was beaten in every category last night.

Dwyane Wade: 32 points, 5 steals - The past five games: 29.4 ppg. 16 of his 21 came in the second quarter. He hates being called vintage, so lets just say "Flashback"

Goran Dragic: 20 points, 9 assists, 5 rebounds - Perfect backcourt mate for Wade, providing a balance of aggression through his shot as well as facilitating through his passing. Post game comments here.

Hassan Whiteside: 16 points, 11 rebounds, 3 blocks - Since January 1st, he leads the league in blocks. After a few frustrating games, Whiteside last night had a solid performance, and one Bosh-like roar. Post game comments here

Mario Chalmers: 16 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds - At one point he had his own personal 7-0 run and nine points in eight points. Having a career year. See what happens when he isn't screamed at.

Luol Deng: 11 points, 7 rebounds - Defense on LeBron. That is all.

With the grit provided by Udonis Haslem and the energy given by Chris Andersen and that is your tight seven-man rotation. Henry Walker is your 8th man because he does things other than shooting terribly, and man #9 will either be one from a four pack of Michael Beasley, James Ennis, Shabazz Napier, or Tyler Johnson.

The weakness for the Cavs have been their transition defense and Miami made sure it was exploited, with Wade and Dragic pushing the pace at all costs. It might be too much to ask Miami to have this type of game consistently, so you just have to enjoy when it happens. It means when Cleveland comes to Miami. Wade wins. LeBron loses.