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ReHeat: Revisiting Dwyane Wade's clutch 4th quarter vs the Blazers

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Here's another look at another great performance by Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat as they beat the Blazers 108-104.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Eight games below .500. That is where the Miami Heat stood before March started. Playoffs? At the time it would be perfectly okay to just accept trying to finish the season instead of extending it. 25-33. Then Miami starting having their own version of March Madness. As a result, a season destined for doom is now daring you to dream.

The revival continued last night. Four players performed to near perfection. When Wade's shot wasn't falling, you saw Dragic providing relentless energy for everyone to feed off of. You saw Deng time and time again be the beneficiary of the pace that Dragic pushed. You saw Whiteside swat everything in sight, and even saluted the crowd after a block. There was Tyler Johnson who effectively replaced Henry Walker on the team, and Chris Andersen who did THIS.

Then there's Dwyane Wade, who had his exact move predicted by Lebron was watching. See? Everyone is watching the Heat these days:

Wade say's this is the best he has felt in years and he credits the "Ray Allen approach" of coming in earlier than usual and preparing. Old? He lead's the league in 4th quarter points. Washed up?Watch the video above again. All he asks his team is that while he sits, they remain even with their opponent, and if they're able to, he'll handle the rest. Last night was him handling the rest. 2006 style.

Dwyane Wade: 32 points, 6 steals, 4 rebounds - Highlights here. Post game here

Luol Deng: 24 points, 4 rebounds

Goran Dragic: 20 points, 11 assists, 3 rebounds - Highlights here

Hassan Whiteside: 12 points, 10 rebounds, 6 blocks - Highlights here

Does the road get tougher in March? Absolutely. Miami see's Russell Westbrook on the 22nd, the Hawks on the 27th and the Spurs on the 31st. There's also the games that affect Miami's playoff positioning. like Milwaukee on the 24th and then the Celtics on the 25th. So what is remaining will be far more difficult than what has already passed. But just like in all sports, you can't shy away from your opponent. You embrace the challenge no matter how unlikely the chance of victory may seem. That's what March Madness is about. That's what Miami's March will be about. From doom to dream. I love this madness.