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Five Stars: Heat 108, Trail Blazers 104

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Dwyane Wade scored the final eight Miami points to seal the victory over Portland, but he wasn't last night's first star.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

First Star

LaMarcus Aldridge (POR) 26.9

Aldridge did a lot, but he couldn't do everything. Portland's best player last night was the only Blazer to finish in the five stars. He played a Portland-high 36:46, scoring 34 points with 12 boards, recording the team's only double-double (Chris Kaman came close, with nine points and 13 rebounds). Aldridge buried 15-of-24 overall, making one-of-two from outside. He also had two helpers, a steal and a block, finishing at plus-1

Second Star

Dwyane Wade (MIA) 23.0

In what seems to be a recurring theme late in this season, Miami's best player has been the remarkable Mr. Wade. Last night, he led Miami with 32 points (for the second game in a row). He shot 13-of-26 from the field, again taking no outside shot attempts. Believe it or not, his 50% success rate was the lowest amongst Miami's starters, as the fivesome went a combined 40-for-70 from the floor, a 57.1% clip. He was a perfect six-for-six from the line, along with six assists, four rebounds and a steal, closing the game with Miami's last eight points. He finished at plus-6 in 32:06.

Third Star

Goran Dragic (MIA) 21.2

Dragic played 39 minutes overall, and notched one of Miami's two double doubles, with 20 points and 11 assists. He shot 9-for-16 and made one-of-two from deep and from the line. Dragic added three rebounds, two steals, and a game-high plus-8 rating.

Fourth Star

Luol Deng (MIA) 20.7

Deng made his mark last night with a scorers' touch. He drained each of his four three-point shots, going nine-of-13 overall and two-of-four for the line to total 24 points. Deng had four rebounds and a steal, playing a game-high 41:47 and posting a plus-4 rating.

Fifth Star

Hassan Whiteside (MIA) 15.5

Whiteside earned the other Heat double-double, with 12 points on six-of-11 shooting and 10 rebounds (five offensive). He also facilitated six rejections and closed his night at plus-1 in 33:25.

The Rest

Chris Kaman (POR) 13.4

Nicolas Batum (POR) 11.0

Damian Lillard (POR) 9.5

Arron Afflalo (POR) 9.0

Udonis Haslem (MIA) 5.0

Robin Lopez (POR) 4.7

Chris Andersen (MIA) 3.2

Meyers Leonard (POR) 3.2

Michael Beasley (MIA) 2.1

Steve Blake (POR) 1.8

Mario Chalmers (MIA) -0.3

Dorell Wright (POR) -0.3

Tyler Johnson (MIA) -0.6

Dog of the Night

CJ McCollum (POR) -0.9

McCollum totaled four points on two-of-five shooting in 13:35. He missed all three of his outside shot attempts, getting whistled three times and committing one turnover. No rebounds, no assists, no steals, and no blocks is what landed him in the bottom spot.

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