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This week in Heat basketball

The Miami Heat have four games this week as they look to hang on to a playoff spot. Here's the preview of the week with some FanDuel advice.

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This is an important week for the Miami Heat. They are coming down the home stretch and have 3 games at home as they try to hang on to a playoff spot. There are 5 teams behind them for the 7th seed within 2 games. A lot can change before next week.

So we are taking a preview of the week and looking at some specific matchups that will impact each game. And as always, we give you some FanDuel fantasy basketball advice.

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Phoenix @ Miami

DETAILS: Monday, 7:30 PM EST

The Suns are a high paced team that have plenty of offensive threats. The Heat will have to be able to play at a higher pace, which they are capable of, but they will also need to get enough stops down the stretch, and that has been a struggle. Dragic is questionable for this game, and that's unfortunate.

Watch for the matchup between Hassan Whiteside and Alex Len. They are both big bodies trying to make a difference in the league. The key FanDuel play for this game will be Eric Bledsoe. Miami doesn't have anyone that make keep with his spped.

L.A. Lakers @ Miami

DETAILS: Wednesday, 8:00 PM EST on ESPN

This should be a game the Heat can win. They went up 18-0 on the Lakers earlier this year and won in L.A. when Kobe Bryant played. Now, Miami will get a chance for another season sweep with the Lakers who are having a terrible season.

Watch for the matchup between Carlos Boozer and whoever the Heat play at power forward. Boozer has had his games against the Heat. The key FanDuel play should be Dwyane Wade. I think he is ready for a good one and a national TV matchup should bring it out in him.

Miami @ Washington

DETAILS: Friday, 7:00 PM EST

The Wizards have had their way against the Heat after Miami's opening night win. But Washington has struggled as of late, even losing to the 76ers. In Washington, Miami will have to play it's best game to get a win against a division rival.

The matchup that you have to watch will be John Wall and Goran Dragic. Two explosive and paint driven guards should go at it all night. But the key FanDuel play for this game will be Hassan Whiteside. He will have a big night against the Wizards.

Sacramento @ Miami

DETAILS: Saturday, 7:30 PM EST

The Heat beat the Kings earlier this year and hope to do the same again. They will have their hands full against DeMarcus Cousins, and he is your key FanDuel play. A back-to-back for the Heat will make it a tough win even at home.

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