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Possible first round destinations for Heat: Atlanta, Cleveland, or Toronto?

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Fifteen Strong....and games left.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With fifteen games left, the Miami Heat will be facing only four outcomes by seasons end: A possible #6 seed, a likely #7, an unfortunate #8, or just out of the playoffs completely.

Here is how the current standings for seeds #6 through #10 look like:

Seed Team Record Games Back
6 Milwaukee 34-34
7 Miami 31-36 2.5
8 Boston 30-37 3.5
9 Indiana 30-37 3.5
10 Charlotte 29-37 4

Currently 6-3 so far in March, including wins against the Cleveland Cavaliers and Portland Trail Blazers, Miami is the hottest team among these five. Miami is playing well and the teams that need to lose for the Heat to gain ground...are actually losing.

Milwaukee - The Bucks are currently on four game losing streak, with games against Cleveland, Atlanta and Golden State coming before April.

Boston - After a five game winning streak, the Celtics lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday, and will travel to face the San Antonio Spurs next. Games against the Los Angeles Clippers and Charlotte Hornets are also coming.

Indiana - That seven game winning streak was so impressive that Paul George decided NOT to come back yet. The Pacers have lost three in a row since then and play LeBron James next. Including the Cavs, five of the next seven opponents area all currently in the playoff picture.

Charlotte - Charlotte was on a five game winning streak, but since then have gone 1-5. While the remaining schedule isn't tough compared to the other teams, they have Lance Stephenson. That should tell you enough.

Safe to say Atlanta, Cleveland, and Toronto will probably find out who their opponent is on the last day of the season. How have the Heat done against these three this season?

Miami vs Atlanta (0-4)
November 14th @ Atlanta Hawks win 114-103
December 3rd vs Atlanta Hawks win 112-102
February 28th vs Atlanta Hawks win 93-91
March 27th @ Atlanta

Miami vs Cleveland (2-1)
December 25th vs Cleveland Heat win 101-91
February 11th @ Cleveland Cavs win 113-93
March 16th vs Cleveland Heat win 106-92
April 2nd @ Cleveland

Miami vs Toronto (1-1)
November 2nd vs Toronto Heat win 107-102
March 13th @ Toronto Raptors win 102-92
April 11th vs Toronto

Now you've seen where the Heat stand in the playoff race and how they've done so far against possible playoff opponents. So who would YOU rather play in the first round of the NBA Playoffs? Hawks, Cavs or Raptors?