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This week in Heat basketball

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The Miami Heat play four games this week, with two of them against teams they are positioning with for the playoffs. Here's a look ahead with some fantasy advice.

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The Heat are closing our the final few weeks of the season with a daunting task -- to remain in the playoffs and even position themselves higher. This week, they will have the chance to do that. Miami's finishes its 4-game trip and returns home by week's end.

Here's a look at the week ahead with an eye on special matchups, and as always I'll give you some solid fantasy advice as your play FanDuel this week.

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Miami @ Milwaukee

DETAILS: Tuesday, 8:00 PM EST

The Heat are going to get right to it when they visit the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday. The Bucks are 1.5 games ahead of the Heat for the 6th seed in the East. If they Heat win this, they'll come to .5 games back and be even in the loss column. Unfortunately for the Heat, the Bucks have already beaten Miami three times this season. They will hold the tie breaker.

The Heat will try to handle Michael Carter-Williams, a new addition to the team. The Bucks have a scrappy front court that is sure to give Hassan Whiteside some fits. The Bucks have lost 6 games in a row, the Heat need to keep that streak going. Your FanDuel solid play is Goran Dragic. I think he will be able to press the issue against the Bucks and get inside baskets and create for others over and over.

Miami @ Boston

DETAILS: Wednesday, 7:30 PM EST

The Celtics are two games back of the Heat. So if things don't go well on Tuesday, Miami could have some pressure on them in Boston. The Celtics have also been struggling, dropping three in a row last week. Boston has lost 2/3 to the Heat this year so far. This game is vital.

Dwyane Wade should be able to have his way in this game, again. However, playing in Boston hasn't been his strong suite over the years. If the Heat can keep Isaiah Thomas on the bench (he's injured), then they have a great chance. A great FanDuel play will be Hassan Whiteside. The Celtics don't have much rim protection, and as long as he stays cool against Kelly Olynyk, then he should have a good night.

Miami @ Atlanta

DETAILS: Friday, 7:30 PM EST

The Hawks will visit Orlando on Wednesday before hosting the Heat. The Hawks have just bombed the Heat this year, even winning when resting several starters. Maybe they will do that again, who knows? But Atlanta is at a different level as a team right now. The Heat will have to play a near perfect game to get a win.

The Hawks rank near the top in everything but rebounding. If the Heat are going to stand a chance, Whiteside will need to be dominant. Miami will also have to have contributions from the bench. The Hawks are good at packing it in and limiting dominating performances. The solid FanDuel play would probably be Jeff Teague, dependent on the price. I'd likely stay away from players in this game because the outcome could be decided early.

Detroit @ Miami

DETAILS: Sunday, 6:00 PM EST

The Pistons have two pieces that are really going to cause issues for the Heat -- Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. Big, skilled bodies that you will hear from in this game. The Heat will get their first look at Reggie Jackson in a Pistons uniform as well. Detroit will visit Orlando on Friday before coming to South Florida.

Whiteside will have hid hands full, but I am looking at Luol Deng to have the impact play of the night. Deng should have the advantage at his position and will be needed to help score. I think Luol Deng is a good FanDuel play in this one. But you will not see the Pistons give this game easily.


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