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Report: Heat interested in JaVale McGee

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According to a report from ESPN, the Miami Heat are among a list of teams interested in signing recently available JaVale McGee.

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The Miami Heat are always looking for size, right?

That would make them one of the many teams interested in signing recently waived center JaVale McGee. McGee was traded from the Nuggets to the Sixers on the deadline. He played a few games for the Sixers, but was waived despite still having $12 million owed to him next season.

McGee will likely clear waivers on Wednesday at 5:00 pm EST.

ESPN's Marc Stein is reporting that the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks are among the top suitors for Javale.

Here's the report from Stein on

The Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks have emerged as teams interested in free agent-to-be JaVale McGee, according to league sources.

Sources told ESPN's Chris Broussard that the Golden State Warriors likewise have interest in signing McGee once the big man clears waivers Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Sources say McGee is drawing interest from a number of teams looking to add size after his release Sunday by the Philadelphia 76ers, who acquired McGee via trade from Denver on Feb. 19 and then waived him before Sunday's midnight playoff-eligiblity deadline, ensuring that the 7-footer would be eligible to play in the playoffs with another team this season.

After reported Sunday afternoon that the Sixers and McGee were engaged in buyout talks, Philadelphia ultimately consented to release the 27-year-old without forcing him to surrender any salary. McGee had roughly $3 million left from his $11.25 million salary this season when he was acquired by the Sixers and is owed $12 million next season.

The Sixers were willing on deadline day to take all that money on ‎because they were millions below the league's salary floor and because they also acquired a future first-round pick from the Nuggets, who simply wanted to move McGee out.

The Heat currently have 15 players on their roster, but two of them are on 10-day contracts -- Henry Walker and Michael Beasley. Beasley has another week left and Walker just signed a second 10-day left. Miami would either have to release one of them or choose another player to add McGee immediately. They could also try and wait until Beasley's contract is up.

-- OR --

The Heat could pass on JaVale McGee. With the emergence of Hassan Whiteside as a dominant presence, and a solid backup in Chris Andersen, the Heat aren't "searching" for a center anymore. They have one.

And there's also the fact that JaVale McGee won the Shaqtin' a Fool Lifetime Achievement Award! Is that something we really want on the same team? Imagine Beasley and McGee together...that'd be fun.

My guess is the Heat pass on this guy, but what do I know?

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