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This week in Heat basketball

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The Miami Heat have four games this week, all with important implications to their season. Here's a look ahead.

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The Heat have a difficult week ahead of them. Tough matchups against the Spurs, Cavs and Pacers as the Heat try to stay afloat in the downward spiral that is the bottom of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Let's take a look at what's ahead this week with some special matchups to keep your eyes on.

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San Antonio @ Miami

DETAILS: Tuesday, 8:00 PM EST

The Spurs visit Miami for the first time since they put two consecutive beatings on the Heat in the 2014 NBA Finals. Man, that seems like forever ago. So much has changed for Miami, while San Antonio nearly has the same roster. The Spurs are in the thick of their own playoff position battle as the Heat are.

However, the Spurs are in their stride right now. Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker will be the biggest problems. But I think Goran Dragic will also be a problem for the Spurs. That will be an interesting matchup at the point. This will be a game about depth, so I'm not sold on anyone player as a great statistical value, but if you are looking for a diamond in the cheap, your best FanDuel play will be Danny Green.

The Heat now take off for 3 games on the road up north.

Miami @ Cleveland

DETAILS: Thursday, 8:00 PM EST

Here we go! Round 4 of Heat and Cavs will be nationally televised. Miami has taken 2 of 3 so far, including the last one. They were beaten severely in Cleveland earlier this season, however. Cleveland gets the advantage of having Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off before Miami visits on Thursday night. OK.

Yea, I am going to put my money on solid and big games from all three of LeBron, Kyrie and Kevin Love. I don't know which will explode but Miami can't guard any of them efficiently, though they have found a way to contain LeBron in Miami. Those are going to be good plays. But I also wouldn't bet against Dwyane Wade in a televised showdown with LeBron. He's going to give a show.

Sadly, Miami desperately needs this game in their playoff race.

Miami @ Detroit

DETAILS: Saturday, 7:30 PM EST

Days after they played in Miami, the Heat and Pistons face off again. Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe still await, and the Heat struggled in Detroit earlier this year. Detroit will be on the back side of a back-to-back, playing in Chicago the night before. Detroit is out of the playoff race.

Other than Whiteside battling down low with the bigs, the next intriguing matchup is Reggie Jackson against the Heat points guards. However, my fantasy play from FanDuel for this game is Dwyane Wade. I think he's in line to have a great game against the Pistons defense on the perimeter.

Miami @ Indiana

DETAILS: Sunday, 6:00 PM EST

Miami ends their road trip in Indianapolis, a place they have historically struggled in. The Pacers get the Heat on a back-to-back and an early tip at 6. The Pacers were playing really well, then really bad. I think the big one here is does Paul George play? If he does, we've got a whole different ball game ahead of us.

Whiteside against Hibbert will be intriguing, but I am most interested to see Dragic put pressure on the rim against the Pacers. Indiana really packs the paint and rotates well, and Dragic will have to be sharp with his decisions. I think it's a fascinating matchup...not to mention the playoff implications that this game could have. The Pacers have taken 2 of 3 against the Heat so far this season.

My favorite fantasy play for this game comes from the other side and that's George Hill. He's been playing well, and against Miami he likes to step it up. Have a Happy Easter everyone!


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