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Hot or Cold: Should Miami take a chance on JaVale McGee?

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Here's our second edition of “Hot or Cold”, our new ongoing feature at Hot Hot Hoops where we debate the top issues surrounding your Miami Heat. HHH writers Earnest Christian and David Ramil will tackle a subject from both sides - read on and let us know whose side you’re on!

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Early Tuesday, it was announced that veteran center JaVale McGee had been waived by the Philadelphia 76ers and that the Miami Heat was listed among the many teams interested in the big man's services (upon clearing waivers). There's been no official word from McGee or the Heat regarding this reported interest but this week's "Hot or Cold" debate debates if the team should even bother adding him to the roster.

Earnest Christian: I'm all for the "hands all in" mantra that this Miami Heat team is now at especially with season ending injuries to Chris Bosh and Josh McRoberts. I'm also a big proponent for team chemistry on AND off the court. Im not going to say signing JaVale McGee is a monumental mistake for this team even in the short-term but honestly from where I'm standing at barring an injury to Hassan Whiteside and/or Chris Andersen, I don't see the point.

David Ramil: Bringing him in is a quality insurance move for both the short- and long-term success of the team. Both Whiteside and Andersen have had injury problems and McGee (relatively unused in his stint with Denver) could be a great fill-in off the bench, regardless of how deep this year's playoff run might - or might not - be. In addition, what if you can sign him to a multi-year deal on the cheap? Pat Riley's "2016 plan" is probably not going to happen with Goran Dragic on the roster so McGee can be a backup to Whiteside when Andersen eventually retires next year.

EC: I do agree with what you said in terms on the 2016 narrative and yes the time is now. Why wait till 2016 when there isn't a guarantee a name like Kevin Durant or other big stars would commit to playing in South Beach. Fix what you have now and see how far they can take this the next few seasons with a Dragic/Wade/Bosh core. I just don't know if JaVale McGee is the guy who would fit the long term solution. Short term I'll agree it could be worth the hassle. Who knows, maybe being within a actual first class organization who thrives on stability from the top on down can do wonders for a guy like McGee.

DR: Ah, I see the first signs of conversion! But even if he's not a part of a bigger, future picture, in McGee you have an athletic big who can challenge Whiteside in practice. In games, you can have him run the pick-and-roll the way Hassan has learned to do, where throwing lobs his way will lead to easy baskets at the rim. And as far as his well-documented lapses in judgement, you have to assume that the combination of Riley and Erik Spoelstra will be able to get him focused on the ultimate goal. You can bet that McGee will be another in a long line of successful reclamation projects for the Heat - it's the Miami way.

EC: I'll say this. McGee is as athletic a big as we've seen in a long time. Truthfully, he should be much better than advertised and the knucklehead status he's acquired over the course of the last few seasons has obviously hurt his stock. But Miami is also in the business of as you say reclamation projects so hell why not see where this sticks on the wall. What's the worse that can happen? This is already a post season.

DR: Man, I am so conflicted. I should be happy that you've come around to the "dark side" and seen my point of view but we're totally losing sight of the theme for this post! Oh, well. Either way, I think you can get McGee using that McRoberts medical exemption so it doesn't count as "real" money against the cap. He's a good value, a decent player and he immediately provides another athletic body. My only concerns is who the Heat would have to waive in order to clear a roster space for him. The obvious answer is Michael Beasley although you Henry Walker could be a candidate as well. Miami has a tough choice to make and we should see how it plays out within the next few days.

So there you have it, Heat fans. If you agree or disagree, let us know in the comment section below.And feel free to post any topics we can debate in the future as we'll be making this a regular feature at Hot Hot Hoops. Thanks for reading!