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Miami Heat release statement on Chris Bosh: plans to be ready for next season

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Chris Bosh was sidelined for the remainder of the NBA season when they discovered he had blood clots on his longs.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat released a statement on the condition of Chris Bosh and his timetable for a return. It is as follows:

Miami HEAT Statement on Chris Bosh

MIAMI, March 3 - The Miami HEAT, Thoracic Surgeon Dr. John DeRosimo and team Cardiologist Dr. Ed Neff released the following statement on the health of Chris Bosh.

Chris Bosh will be re-evaluated this month, and if cleared, may begin regular exercise at that time with plans to start strength training next month. He is scheduled to resume full basketball activities in September.

So there you have it, the Heat's highest paid player is scheduled to ready for the start of the 2015-16 NBA season. Bosh will remain sidelined for the rest of this season.

Bosh spoke to the media before the Heat's game on Monday against the Celtics, his first public appearance since his departure from practice 26 days ago. Bosh shared about the reality of the situation, but was also very positive about where he is at personally.

He shared that he was glad to be back at the Heat's house. He also said he hadn't seen some of the new teammates the Heat acquired since his departure. Bosh said retirement was discussed, but he knew he would play again.

For more on exactly what Chris Bosh had to say, check out the feed from Surya Fernandez (HHH Site Manager) on Twitter who covered it live.