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Five on Fire: Top 5 Heat stories this week

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The Miami Heat have had an eventful's the top five stories you need to know about this week.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So much goes on every week with the Miami Heat. Here's the top 5 stories you need to catch up on if you missed anything, not only from us, but from around the web.

Chalmers Lost? (Hot Hot Hoops)
Mario Chalmers claimed that he was confused about his role on the team. With the addition of Dragic, and an ever changing rotation of healthy players, Chalmers has found himself lost on where he fits in. Read about it HERE

Tim Hardaway Hall of Fame quest (Sun-Sentinel)
Legendary Heat point guard Tim Hardaway was again left of the final selection for the Hall of Fame class. Hardaway has been on the ballot but hasn't made the cut yet. Micky Arison thinks he will soon. Read about it HERE

D-Wade Fantasy Camp (Hot Hot Hoops)
Dwyane Wade is hosting his 5th annual Fantasy Basketball Camp. It's the camp where 35+ year old men get the chance to play against Wade, for a hefty price that goes to charity. Check it out HERE

Cuba Relations (Miami Herald)
The NBA is opening a development camp in Cuba soon, but the Miami Heat are not happy about it. None of the NBA teams are affected by this like the Heat are, and they are taking a political stance. This is pretty interesting, you can read about it HERE

Heat Playoff Push (Palm Beach Post)
The Miami Heat aren't giving fact they are fighting as hard for the 8th seed as they did for a NBA Championship. Everyone is giving their all to get there. Read about it HERE