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PreHeat: Miami vs Toronto

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Miami now faces win or go home against Toronto

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

For the Miami Heat tonight, it's either win or go home, and home meaning back to their actual homes because there will be no post season. There will be no room for self pity or excuses tonight if they want to advance to the playoffs for the seventh season in a row.

Where: American Airlines Arena

When: 7:30pm

TV: Sun Sports

Miami sits currently at #10 in the playoff chase and not only need to win out the remaining three but also need losses from the teams their chasing.

The Playoff Chase
Seed Team Record Games Back
7 Boston 37-42
8 Brooklyn 37-42
9 Indiana 36-43 1
10 Miami 35-44 2

All Miami can worry about now is their own game, and currently the Heat have lost five of the past six. If Miami loses, the team can be officially eliminated as early as tomorrow, due to the results of the other teams they are currently behind. The Heat could also start to look the other direction for lottery purposes. Miami will only keep their lottery pick if they fall into one of the 10 worst records in the NBA this season.

Dwyane Wade has tried to rally his teammates, using the slim chances as motivation. Wade told the AP:

"Individually, each guy in here at some point has been told they're not good enough, has been told they can't do it," Wade said. "So individually, everyone has that mentality. ... That's the reason guys haven't packed it up and said 'This season's over.'"

Toronto also has something to play for as well. The Raptors are currently tied with Chicago for the #3 seed in the East and have to decide between playing Atlanta or Cleveland in the second round of the playoffs. Kyle Lowry, who made his return against the Orlando Magic, will probably be playing tonight as well. Expect the Heat to be all hands on deck outside the season ending injuries to Chris Bosh, Josh McRoberts and Shabazz Napier.

You will either see a gritty Miami team that will be aggressive in just about every possession tonight or you will see a team that was already defeated and broken before the tip off. Find out with us at 7:30pm!