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One last week of Heat basketball

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The Miami Heat are likely closing out their season this week with two games. Here's a preview of what's ahead with some FanDuel advice.

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You know the scenario. The Miami Heat's chances of making the playoffs are slim. In order for that to happen, the Heat need both the Nets and Pacers to lose their final two games of the regular season, and the Heat need to win their final two games.

A slim chance, but not impossible.

The Heat have one home and one away game this week, and here we preview both of them for you.

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Orlando @ Miami

DETAILS: Monday, 7:30 PM EST

The Magic have nothing to really play for, but that doesn't mean they won't play. Orlando just beat the Bulls earlier this week, so they have what it takes. Miami is in the middle here. They are on the outside looking into the playoffs with a slim chance, but also would like to keep their first round pick if they don't. The Heat will likely go for the win until they are eliminated.

The Magic are 10 games worse than the Heat this year, they have had their own trouble. But you will want to keep an eye on Victor Oladipo vs Dwyane Wade as a key matchup. Young vs old, but so similiar of players. It should be fun as the Heat play their last home game this season. The best FanDuel play here is going to be Hassan Whiteside. I think he continues his strong play to close the season even against a difficult matchup with Nikola Vucevic.

Miami @ Philadelphia

DETAILS: Wednesday, 8:00 PM EST

Here's where things get interesting. If the Heat end up losing on Monday to Orlando, they will be eliminated from the playoffs, and they might be eliminated even if they win. So by the time this game comes around, a win or loss could help determine whether the Heat keep their top 10 pick or not. If not, who does it go to....the Philadelphia 76ers. Now, I don't think the players on the court care, but possibly the coaches will. This could turn out to be a game of who has the better bottom of the bench.

It's hard to forecast who will actually play here, but I think your best FanDuel option for this game might be Tyler Johnson. Yea, it's come to that. I see him getting a lot of run in this game, and when he has been given the time, he has produced numbers. I like him as a low value add here.

The game itself might not be a great one to watch, but it likely will be the Heat's last of the season, so tune in for the support.

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