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Can there be a Miracle in Miami?

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Just about everything went right last night, what will happen tonight?

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In the original Miami miracle story, I analyzed what the Miami needed to happen yesterday to ensure the Heat get into the playoffs as well as a look at what was needed for Miami to get a tenth pick. Today we will look at what needs to happen tonight for the Heat to remain in the both chases, lottery and playoffs

Results from last night

Miami beat Orlando 100-93

Chicago beat Brooklyn 113-86

Utah beat Dallas 109-92

What does this mean for Miami?

1) The Heat keep their slim playoff chances alive by beating Orlando and Chicago took care of Brooklyn as well. Then later on the night Utah surprisingly beat Dallas, almost guaranteeing Miami that if the Heat don't make the playoffs, they still have a strong chance to get a lottery pick. Here are the current standings reflecting off last night's results

Chase for 8th
Seed Team Record Games Back
8 Indiana 37-43
9 Brooklyn 37-44 .5
10 Miami 36-45 1.5

So what needs to happen tonight?

Even though Miami is off, it's safe to assume the team will be the biggest Washington Wizards fans tonight. Indiana will be hosting Washington tonight. Keep in mind Washington is no longer motivated to play for anything, because Chicago and Toronto are now the #3 and #4 seeds. Washington will be opening the playoffs on the road no matter what, so don't be surprised if the Wizards rest their starters tonight, Indiana on the other hand is only 1 game away from catching the Boston Celtics and have only only a half game lead on the Nets. So to conclude with brutal honesty, Miami could very well be knocked out the playoffs before midnight.

On the other hand, Miami currently has the tenth worst record thanks to Utah beating Dallas. In this scenario the Heat have a better losing record than Indiana and Brooklyn, but Miami could easily fall out of the tenth spot.

This is why tonight's Indiana's game tonight is so important. If the Pacers win, expect the Heat to have a starting lineup of Bernie the Mascot, Arena Host Uptown Dale, The Voice Mike Biamonte, Eric Reid and Tony Fiorentino against the 76ers.

Hope all these scenarios and standings give you an understanding of where Miami is. "Miracle in Miami part 3" will be released tomorrow and it will be based off the results of tonight and the impact of tomorrow's scheduled games. That is if I'm done crying about Miami not being in the post season for the first time in seven years.