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LeBron James looking forward to possible playoff match vs Dwyane Wade, Heat

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What did LeBron say about a possible first round match up against his best friend?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James told Cleveland media that a first round match up with Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat would be fun for the fans as well as both him and Wade, who have never matched up against each other in the playoffs.

"I mean just to go up against a champion, a competitor like himself and that franchise," James said after practice on Wednesday.

"You look at the standings, you see who's two-seven. If we continue to do well, we'll probably face the seven seed and we'll see what happens then. But it will be good for the fans, for sure. And it will be good for me and D-Wade just being two guys that love to compete."

While Miami will most likely be at a severe disadvantage in the series, the NBA fan base will certainly pay attention just for the emotional connection. The same player that brought Miami multiple championships could very well be the one that eliminates you from the race. Just the drama from that alone will make the series the only match up worth watching in the Eastern Conference.

As for the Heat fan base perspective, the likely elimination will probably have Miami fans dislike LeBron even more, regardless of what he has done for the team in years past. The NBA will appreciate watching what Heat fans wish wasn't happening in front of them. Even if the series ended in four or five games, the fact that every Cleveland play that involves LeBron will sting.

The hope of next season is just about the only thing to look forward to these days. Miami at it's peak can certainly be a contender in the East. But before next season starts, this season must end. So an already dreadful year ended by the guy that left you at the alter? ugh.

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