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Five on Fire: Top 5 Heat stories this week

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Here's another look at the top stories from this week from the Miami Heat.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We are in that awkward in between where the Heat are in off season mode, but most of the NBA is in the thick of the playoffs. The news is a little slower, but there's still plenty to read up on about the Miami Heat.

Here's the top 5 stories from this week.

1. Pat Riley talks Heat season and future (Hot Hot Hoops)
In his season ending press conference, the Heat president gave insight into Goran Dragic, Hassan Whiteside, Dwyane Wade and even LeBron James.

2. August 1 Game in Africa (Hot Hot Hoops)
Luol Deng will be participating in an exhibition game with the NBA in South Africa. Chris Paul will join him in what promises to be the start of a great partnership.

3. Birdman gets tattooed...again (Hot Hot Hoops)
Yes, Chris Andersen got some more ink, labeled: "Give me War." You have to see the picture.

4. Ennis dunk ranked #1 (Hot Hot Hoops)
The NBA produced a video compilation of their top 10 dunks of the year. James Ennis came in at #1 for the entire season! The crazy thing is that his dunk was from opening night. Watch it again.

5. Shabazz Napier's rookie year review (Fox Sports Florida)
Surya takes a look at what the rookie point guard did right and wrong this season in the piece.