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All the key dates to remember for the 2015 NBA Draft

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A handy guide to every important date leading up to the draft.

© Joe Camporeale - USA Today

So you don't ever have to wonder about the process or have to keep searching on Google, here are all the important key dates in the buildup to the 2015 NBA Draft:

April 26th - Deadline to apply for NBA early-entry draft eligibility

May 12-17th - Chicago pre-draft combine

May 19th - NBA Draft lottery to determine the first 14 picks (this is where we finally get to see where Miami lands in the top 14. Remember if the pick is below #10, the Philadelphia 76ers gets it.)

June 15th - NBA early entry draft eligibility withdrawl deadline

June 25th - NBA Draft

Miami has almost a 91% chance to land the #10 pick as well as a slim chance to land in the top 3.

So if Miami gets the #10th pick, who do you think they should draft or should they trade the pick? How about if the Heat land a top 3? Should the Heat go for the best fit or the best talent? Comment below!!