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Five on Fire: The top five stories this week for the Miami Heat

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A look at the "hottest" stories this week for the Heat.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

As is always the case for the Miami Heat, there was no shortage of interesting topics this week in a season filled with drama along with plenty of highs and lows.

Here are the top five Heat stories from around the web:

1) Dwyane Wade personally updates his health and gives hope after losing to Cleveland.

2) Will the Los Angeles Lakers make a serious run at Steve Nash's old friend and teammate Goran Dragic this upcoming offseason?

3) Shabazz Napier will miss the remainder of this season due to a sports hernia.

4) Mario Chalmers shot and Hassan Whiteside's block are the only highlights worth watching in Miami's loss to San Antonio.

5) Dwyane Wade drops 40 on the Detroit Pistons in a Miami Heat victory


Soccer star Gareth Bale makes half court shots while wearing a Miami Heat jersey.