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Pacers' Paul George to make season debut vs Miami Heat on Sunday

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Paul George hasn't played an NBA game since the Heat eliminated the Pacers in Game 6 of the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals. He'll make his season debut Sunday vs the Heat.

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At tight race just got a bit more exciting. The Miami Heat will become the first team to face Paul George this season as the Indiana Pacers forward will make his season debut against the Heat on Sunday, April 5.

George hasn't played all season after he broke his leg in a Team USA scrimmage in July. George has hoped to come back even after the expectation was for him to miss the season. He announced on Instagram that he would make his return against the Heat.

Game shoes! Time to get some burn Sunday night!!! Can't wait!!!

A photo posted by Paul George (@ygtrece) on

The Pacers are one of many chasing to make the playoffs. With the Heat, Nets, Hornets, and Celtics all separated by just a few games, George could be a huge lift to the Pacers.

The Heat will get the first look at him on Easter Sunday, 6:00 PM EST. Miami may or may not have Dwyane Wade in that game either. Currently the Heat are in 8th place, but could find themselves outside the playoffs before the weekend is over.

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