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Five on Fire: Top 5 Heat stories this week

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Here's the top 5 Miami Heat stories you need to know and read about for this week.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take another look at what's going on around the Miami Heat in our top 5 stories of the week.

1. The Miami Heat are wearing new socks next season. Check them out! (Hot Hot Hoops)

2. Pay Riley and the Heat staff are in Spain scouting European prospects right now. (Sun-Sentinel)

3. Billy Donovan will coach the Thunder next year, but did the Heat miss out on a chance for him to be their coach? (FoxSports Florida)

4. Stanley Johnson, from Arizona, seems like the consensus #10 pick for the Heat. (ESPN)

5. What would a Miami Heat football helmet look like? If you have ever wondered that, then take a look. (Palm Beach Post)

There you have it. Some good Heat stuff, and some interesting little things to look at during the early off-season. We will be back soon with more stuff from around the web of sources about the Heat.