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Heat Links: Could the Heat make a run at DeMarre Carroll?

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Today's Heat Links, take a look at whether or not DeMarre Carroll lies in Miami's future plans, who Miami might try to grab with their potential lottery pick, if Ray Allen might be making a return, how Udonis Haslem faired this season, and more.

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It's Monday folks! Hope you guys are enjoying the NBA playoffs despite, Miami's noticeable absence if not you could always tune in to hockey (in all seriousness the NHL playoffs have been fantastic). However, we do have some Heat reading for you. Enjoy!

Heat Links

  • Could the Heat make a run at Atlanta's DeMarre Carrol? The Palm Beach Post's Jason Lieser certainly thinks so, but he also believes it comes at the cost of Luol Deng. [Palm Beach Post]
  • Our very own Binoj Jacob analyzes who Miami might go after in this year's NBA lottery. It's a great read, especially for those unfamiliar with the incoming college prospects. [Hot Hot Hoops]
  • David Ramil (who also contributes for us) thinks that Ray Allen could potentially return to the Miami Heat this coming season, and while I ultimately think he will remain retired it still makes for interesting speculation. [Hoops Habit]
  • Our very own site manager, Surya Fernandez analyzed Udonis Haslem's season play and how he always manages to make a positive impact despite his clear statistical regression. [Fox Sports Florida]

What's going on around the league?

Grantland's Zach Lowe analyzes the second round of the NBA, making for some very entertaining analysis. [Grantland]

Andrew Sharp (also of Grantland) takes a look at what injuries are ailing players in the NBA Playoffs [Grantland]

Superstars are going down more often than ever in this postseason. It’s like the NBA playoffs have turned into the Hunger Games. If Steph Curry is still alive by June, he might win by default. I’ve spent more time worrying about injuries for the past three weeks than I have in any other playoffs I can remember, and that was before we found out John Wall’s wrist had shattered into pieces.

Cavaliers Coach David Blatt, admitted he almost blew the final play call that resulted in the LeBron James' game-winner [ESPN]