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NBA Mock Drafts from around the web: Mass uncertainty on Miami's pick

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There's a lot of Mock Drafts out there for the NBA (not as many as the NFL), with plenty to see. Here we take a look at some of the main sites views on what the Miami Heat will do with their* #10 pick.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Next week, the NBA will hold the Draft Lottery which will tell us the order of the NBA draft's first 14 picks. The Miami Heat are currently slotted at #10. They have a slight chance to be bumped backwards (which would then forfeit their pick), and an even slighter chance to move forward.

So we are going around the web and seeing what the Mock Drafts are saying about the Heat's possible selection at #10.

Sports Illustrated: Myles Turner, Texas (Center)

Turner is a tantalizing talent. He's long, blocks shots and has three-point potential. He's a stretch five prospect. He's also a superior defender with excellent timing, scouts say. Teams will dig deeper into his awkward gait at the draft combine, but if they can live with his immobility, there is a quality center prospect there to be developed.

USA TODAY: Kelly Oubre, Kansas (Shooting Guard)

An incredible physical talent, Kansas' Kelly Oubre could be a steal here if he's able to improve his weak ball handling ability, which could unlock his isolation game.

CBS Sports: Kelly Oubre, Kansas (Shooting Guard)

Oubre is another guy that will need a strong coach, but if he goes to the right situation he could develop into an all-star. With veterans like Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh around (as well as potentially Luol Deng) to go with seasoned coach Erik Spoelstra, it's hard to envision a better place for Oubre. He'd fit right into Spoelstra's preferred high-pressure defensive scheme, and could take time to develop into his stardom on offense. His athleticism and slashing is strong, and his shooting has potential. He just needs to continue to improve his ball-handling.

DraftExpress: Frank Kaminsky, Wisconsin (Power Forward)

Kaminsky has excellent size for a power forward at 7-0, with a frame that has improved substantially over time and still has some room for growth. While not a fast-twitch, incredibly explosive athlete, he is an extremely fluid, agile and coordinated big man, who runs the floor well and shows great mobility for a player his size, as evidenced by his strong rebounding, blocked shots and steal numbers.

What makes Kaminsky a unique prospect revolves heavily around the versatility and efficiency he displays on the offensive end. He is a matchup problem every time he steps on the court, an extremely skilled 7-footer who opposing teams need to game-plan for at all times. His ability to handle, shoot, pass and score from anywhere on the floor gives him terrific flexibility to be utilized in different lineups and half-court sets, which is increasingly valuable and sought after in today's NBA game. Willie Cauley-Stein, Kentucky (Center)

Willie Cauley-Stein is a player you can plug in your system in order to play high level defense, and provide both versatility guarding perimeter players and the ability to guard the rim...His one side of the ball type of play will cause him to be drafted below players that have two way potential, but he has the ability to be very good, or possibly elite as a defender if he can harness his improved metal focus, and grow as a professional...

There's been a lot of talk about Stanley Johnson (Arizona) being the Heat's target, and that could be the case, but every mock draft has him going before the Heat get to him, mostly to Detroit at #8. What's interesting in seeing these picks above is the lack of consistency. We have written before that the Heat's need is not in the power rotation (PF-C), but on the wing. Any SF or SG could find time. But with Chris Andersen, Hassan Whiteside, Chris Bosh, and Josh McRoberts in place, the Heat have a good start.

The consistent pick here is Kelly Oubre. If Johnson is gone, as well as the other prime wing players, Oubre might be the Heat's choice. We will have to break down some more specifics on him once we learn if the Heat will keep their pick at #10 or not.