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Christmas in Miami: New jerseys revealed

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Have you seen the Miami Heat Christmas jersey? Check out below

We have yet to celebrate the Fourth of July, but the NBA already has released its Christmas jersey line. Since next season's schedule has yet to be released, the Christmas line is in..for EVERY team! For the NBA fan, this is like opening holiday gifts in the Summer. Now trust me when I tell you, these jerseys are probably one of the better ones from recent years, because of a few reasons:

1. The NBA isn't trying to over do the look by thinking too much, but instead just went for a classy look, which is what was needed this time around.

2. If you look at the writing on the jersey, doesn't it look like a holiday greeting card? I know right!!

Now while just about every jersey seems to be a shade of cream, and they all look nice, we here at HotHotHoops of course only care about the Miami Heat's Christmas jersey:

So what do you think? Comment below!

Thanks to Uni Watch for the preview!