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Five on Fire: Top Heat stories this week

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Here's the top five Miami Heat stories from this week.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA is in the Final Four, but the Miami Heat are already preparing for next season. Here's the top five stories this week for the Heat.

1. Remember when we told you Dwyane Wade was starting his 30 day challenge with Luther Freeman? Well, here's the results from Day 12.

2. As if you didn't know, the Miami Heat will be selecting #10 in the 2015 NBA Draft next month.

3. With that 10th pick, Pat Riley is looking for someone like Klay Thompson.

4. The Heat escaped the NBA Draft Lottery with their pick, but they will still owe 3 first round picks to the Sixers and Suns over the next few years. Here's all the details about them.

5. We've seen the Hack-a-Whoever way too much this postseason. But Hassan Whiteside is working diligently to make sure he improves his free throw shooting.