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Who should the Heat take at #10?

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We took a poll among some of the staff here at HHH and gave you our thoughts on who the Heat should take with their draft pick.

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The NBA Draft is about one month away. And while the Lottery has been decided, and the Heat have the 10th pick, we took the opportunity to put our heads together in one piece and give our thoughts on who the Miami Heat should select with their pick.

So here's some of the best voices from HHH giving their take on the pick.

For our own sake, we used the below mock draft as a guide to who is off the board in this discussion.

MIN - Karl-Anthony Towns
LAL - Jahlil Okafor
PHI - DeAngelo Russell
NYK - Emmanuel Mudiay
ORL - Justise Winslow
SAC - Kristap Porzingas
DEN - Mario Hezonja
DET - Stanley Johnson
CHA - Willie Cauley-Stein
MIA - ?

Here's what everyone had to say...

David Ramil: I'm torn between selecting Kelly Oubre or Devin Booker but I think much of that has to do with Luol Deng's upcoming decision to opt in or out of his contract. Should Deng opt out, Oubre provides the length, versatility and scoring potential that will help fill the void. But the more I watch Booker play, the more I believe that he's got the higher upside. There are reasons the comparison to Klay Thompson have been made. With Wade still playing at a high level and with Deng still on the roster, the Heat will select Devin Booker out of Kentucky.

Diego Quezada: After a disastrous season, the Miami Heat have an uncertain future and many holes to fill. With the 10th pick, the Heat should pick the best player available. With questions surrounding Luol Deng and Goran Dragic, the Heat should pick Kelly Oubre. Oubre offers the defensive potential and shooting needed to excel at the small forward position in today's NBA. Even if Deng opts in, he was inconsistent last year and may be a trade chip, so the Heat should look to the future with Oubre.

Matt Pineda: I think it's clear Riley would like to take Stanley Johnson from Arizona. But it's likely he will be gone. I seem to lean towards Devin Booker. He reminds me of a Klay Thompson, Gordon Hayward or Bradley Beal. He has a great shooting stroke, and I think he can put it on the floor. He could be a great compliment to what the Heat are trying to build. Miami has Oubre in James Ennis (to a degree). Getting Booker could be striking gold if he reaches his potential.

Binoj Jacob: Riley seems to want a 3 point shooter who can play defense on the other teams best scorer. Booker is considered one of the best 3 point shooters in the draft and his defense isn't terrible, due to his length (6'6 with a 6'8 wingspan.) Heat defense is also something can be taught over time, as long as he wants to learn. You can't teach three point shooting though, and Booker shot 41% from beyond the arc during his time in Kentucky. He keeps defenses honest and he has a good handle for offense. Miami needs his spark off the bench because they have no one from the bench who can consistently hit a three.

So there you have it. Plenty of takes on what the Miami Heat should do. We've got three who want Devin Booker from Kentucky and one taking Kelly Oubre from Kansas. But it's clear what the position need for the Miami Heat is...a wing.

Now give us your take, and why! Use the same mock draft and tell us who you want to see the Miami Heat take at #10.