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5 Teams that would love to have Goran Dragic

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Goran Dragic opted out of his contract and is a free agent. When the time rolls around, what teams are going after him and who has the best chance to take him out of South Beach?

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The Miami Heat would love to make sure they keep Goran Dragic after spending two first round draft picks in addition to Norris Cole to get him. But the reality is that he is a free agent, able to sign with whomever he pleases. But we also get the hint that Goran isn't exactly going to just take a pay cut for a ring. He's not there yet.

However, even though the Heat can offer him the most lucrative contract, it doesn't mean it is a given that he is going to resign with them. There are plenty of teams that can offer enough money and/or special circumstances to entice Dragic to give their city a shot.

We also know that the Knicks and Lakers were at the top of Dragic's wish list along with the Heat when he decided he wanted out of Phoenix. And that's why they are at the top of the list for his decision. So here's the reasons why Dragic will sign with someone else.

1. L.A. Lakers
The Lakers just landed the #2 overall pick in the NBA Draft which is either going to be Jahlil Okafor or Karl-Anthony Towns. On top of that, they have Julius Randle coming back, Kobe Bryant's farewell tour and it's L.A. The Lakers can offer Dragic what he needs financially and give him some young prospects to feed the ball while also playing alongside Kobe Bryant. Oh, and they desperately need a point guard. Sorry, but Jeremy Lin isn't going to cut it. The Lakers have the most appealing status to pull Dragic to them.

2. New York Knicks
The Knicks have the #4 overall pick in the NBA Draft, which they could surprise people and take either Justise Winslow or Kristap Porzingas to pair alongside Carmelo Anthony. Add Dragic to the mix and maybe it entices some other free agents to join Phil Jackson to bring basketball back to the Mecca. New York is enticing to so many players, and was also to Dragic. Oh, and the other part...the Knicks need a point guard.

3. Dallas Mavericks
Mark Cuban has a lot of cap space thanks to Dirk Nowitzki's team friendly contract. Don't forget that Rajon Rondo is on his way out, thankfully for Rick Carlisle. The Mavs need a point guard, and Dragic is about as close to that second coming of Steve Nash as your are going to find. He's the type of guy that Mark Cuban would love to have, especially at the expense of the Miami Heat.

4. Houston Rockets
Jason Terry is a free agent...and old. Pat Beverley is great and all, but he isn't the type of player Dragic is. The Rockets are in the conference finals without a point guard...think about adding Dragic to that mix! This will take some creativity financially to help Dragic be satisifed and get what he wants, but it's possible. This would be the most interesting scenario on the court, as the Rockets would instantly become favorites moving forward.

5. Sacramento Kings
A longshot and dark horse, but the Kings would benefit greatly from adding Dragic. Darren Collison is their starter, and that doesn't scream, "Take me to the Playoffs!" Adding Dragic alongside Rudy Gay, DeMarcus Cousins and a lottery pick adds a little flavor to the Kings. Dragic would instantly become the ball handling leader of that team. The Kings would be an exciting up-tempo team, with a real chance at making a playoff run. The money works if Dragic wants to go back West.


Those are the contenders. But the most likely scenario is that Goran Dragic stays with the Miami Heat. The #1 reason for that is the money, as they Heat can offer him the most if they are willing. Miami can also offer a shot at contending for their conference, if they are healthy. Dragic had success playing alongside Dwyane Wade, and I think he is curious to see what it's like having Chris Bosh space out the floor.

Either way, the Heat are going to have to "sell" themselves to Dragic just as any other team would. What do you think Dragic will do? Are there any other teams that offer the financial ability and intrigue for Dragic to bolt from Miami?