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Dwyane Wade begins 30 Day Transformation

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Dwyane Wade is days into a 30 day transformation with trainer Luther Freeman.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade is focused on making himself better for next season. That's why a week ago, he pledged to start the 30 day transformation challenge with trainer Luther Freeman.

Although Wade isn't in the category of an individual who needs a complete body transformation as some that Luther helps, Wade is looking to strengthen his body and give it a new tighter feel. This isn't the first time that Wade is taking outside means or challenges to put his body to the limit. In past offseasons he has worked several different ways to get his body into shape.

Freeman has been known as the celebrity trainer. Former NBA players who have fallen out of shape have turned to Luther for help to get their bodies back. And Wade isn't the only current NBA player to have Freeman give a 30 day challenge to change. Caron Butler, Wade's former Miami Heat teammate, was the one who challenged Wade to get involved.

Wade said that "Team Wade" will be joining him, which likely means his wife, Gabrielle.

We will have to wait and see Wade's before and after pictures, but one thing is certain: Wade isn't wasting any time beginning the process of getting ready for next year.