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Money talks in various Dwyane Wade contract scenarios with the Heat

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Here are all the contract scenarios for Dwyane Wade.

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Recently, there's been another rumor regarding the contract offered by the Miami Heat to impending free agent Dwyane Wade, so let's breakdown every contract scenario the Heat have been "supposedly" offering and the contract that Wade would "supposedly" welcome. The word supposedly plays a key role in all this because Wade still has until June 30th to decide what he wants to do.

Will he opt out of the final year of the contract he signed last year to become an unrestricted free agent? All signs point to yes, but to be sure, let's review each option that will get Wade paid and keep him as a "Heat Lifer".

Till then we wait and write.


Opt in.

This is the option Pat Riley and the Heat organization want. D-Wade would get $16 million next season, and the Heat would offer a final two year discounted deal that would fit him into the cap. So you're wondering how would Wade get his fat paycheck for sacrificing for a handful of years? I'm thinking Riley would then have Wade transition into Miami's front office (the way Zo and Tim Hardaway did) and the Heat would then pay Wade graciously all that he is owed ( and the NBA doesn't need to know about this particular part of this arrangement).


So what would the Heat want to pay if Wade opts in? Well according Wade's "friend" he says Miami’s preference is to give Wade $36 million over three years — $16 million this season, then $10 million and $10 million. This would be similar to a deal Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki took for each of their teams' future benefit. So in this scenario once again, that's $36 million.


Opt out and get paid for once. This would mean Wade would test the open market and see what he can get and from who he can get it from. For the top five teams that Wade would most likely go to if he were to leave Miami, check THIS article.

IF Wade's biggest goal is getting paid from the Heat, Miami could offer the one year max deal, which would be $23.5 million. The problem with this is that Micky Arison would need to pay an ENORMOUS luxury tax bill, because you already have Chris Bosh getting $20+ million, Wade getting the max. and Goran Dragic also possibly getting $20 million of his own. Now I'm sure Arison doesn't mind paying tax, but that will be a hefty bill for a team that likely won't be playing in June next season.


So let's say Arison pays the bill and gives Wade the one year max. Miami would certainly try to get Wade at a discount in his final two year deal, maybe a two year $20 million, or two year $30 million possibly. So in this scenario Wade's final 3 years (including this one) would range from $43-$53 million.


This would be the contract that Wade supposedly would "welcome with open arms." Wade would opt out this season and get paid a 3 year $60 million deal from the Heat. This contract would pay Wade and provide him guaranteed protection even if he is injured, but Miami wouldn't be able to make any significant moves in the 2016 free agency period, unless they let Hassan Whiteside walk away. Riley has been searching for the next Zo since Zo retired. You really think he will let Whiteside walk away? So in this scenario Wade would get $60 million over his final three years.


I'm assuming the Heat camp is pushing for Option 1, ($36 million) which would be paying Wade AND being able to add an important piece in 2016. Wade's camp is probably thinking Option 3, ($60 million.) With these 2 scenarios, you can see why both camps can't come to an agreement.

So just looking at these numbers, yes Wade will most likely opt out. Middle ground would be Option 2, which would be paying Wade, while financially telling him that he is worth the tax hit because of everything he has done for the franchise. Wade would then take less in year two and three for the team to have flexibility.

So who gives in first?