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Who would you pick for the Miami Heat in the first round?

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Many draft pundits have weighed on what the Heat should do in the 2015 NBA Draft, who do you agree with?

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

By this time next week the speculation will be over and fans will know the identity of the Miami Heat's two draft picks. Last year saw the Heat make a draft night trade so the #10 and #40 picks are not a lock to be on the roster, but let's assume the Heat keep these two picks.

There is no consensus for the #10 pick among writers in 2015 NBA mock draft, which makes the pick itself intriguing. Let's do a last minute round-up of possible selections mentioned on the internet. I'll use #9 to #13 choices, because Heat could potentially pick anyone who has not been taken off the table before them.

#9 Devin Booker, #10 Stanley Johnson (SF), #11 Myles Turner, #12 Frank Kaminsky, #13 Trey Lyles

Yahoo! Sports
#9 Devin Booker, #10 Stanley Johnson (SF), #11 Myles Turner, #12 Frank Kaminsky, #13 Trey Lyles

Sun-Sentinel - Ira Winderman
#9 Devin Booker, #10 Stanley Johnson (SF), #11 Willie Cauley-Stein, #12 Frank Kaminsky, #13 Myles Turner

ESPN - Chad Ford
#9 Devin Booker, #10 Stanley Johnson (SF), #11 Myles Turner, #12 Frank Kaminsky, #13 Trey Lyles

CBS Sports - Zach Harper
#9 Willie Cauley-Stein, #10 Kelly Oubre (SF), #11 Cameron Payne, #12 Myles Turner, #13 Frank Kaminsky

CBS Sports - Gary Parrish
#9 Frank Kaminsky, #10 Devin Booker (SG), #11 Cameron Payne, #12 Stanley Johnson, #13 Myles Turner

CBS Sports - Sam Vecenie
#9 Kevon Looney, #10 Myles Turner (C), #11 Kelly Oubre, Jr., #12 Frank Kaminsky, #13 Montrez Harrell

The Big Lead
#9 Devin Booker, #10 Stanley Johnson (SF), #11 Mario Hezonja, #12 Sam Dekker, #13 Justin Anderson

Basketball Insiders
#9 Willie Cauley-Stein, #10 Devin Booker (SG), #11 Cameron Payne, #12 Sam Dekker, #13 Myles Turner

#9 Cameron Payne, #10 Stanley Johnson (SF), #11 Willie Cauley-Stein, #12 Myles Turner, #13 Devin Booker

NBA - Scott Howard Cooper
#9 Stanley Johnson, #10 Myles Turner (C), #11 Cameron Payne, #12 Trey Lyles, #13 Frank Kaminsky

Of the eleven experts, six of them chose Stanley Johnson as the the overwhelming favorite for the Heat's #10 pick. Next in line are Devin Booker and Myles Turner at two choices each, and Kelly Oubre with one vote.

Other players who may be available include Frank Kaminsky, Trey Lyles, Cameron Payne, Sam Dekker, Willie Cauley-Stein, Mario Hezonja (a long-shot), Justin Anderson, Montrez Harrell.

Remember Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow? Domination at the amateur level doesn't always guarantee success in the pros. The cases for Stanley Johnson, Devin Booker, Myles Turner, Mario Hezonja are all compelling, but will they turn into a Dwayne Wade or a Michael Beasley? The Heat may play it safe in the first round with Stanley Johnson, but gamble on their second round pick to find a Hassan Whiteside or Draymond Green.

The Miami Heat future draft picks past this year are very slim: none in 2016, first-round or second-round; one in 2017, first-round; one in 2018, second-round; one in 2019, first-round; two in 2020, first-round and second round; one in 2021, second round. Nothing at all next year, and 2020 will be the next time Heat have two draft picks. The 2015 picks will have to go a long way in determining the Heat's future, because of the limited help from the draft for 6 years. They need to nail it on Thursday.

The Heat have to make room on the roster for the one or two rookies. Who will be dropped from the current team? That's another tough choice the coaches and management have to make. Chris Andersen is an iconic figure in Miami. Dwayne Wade has a no-trade clause. Even though they are seasoned veterans, their loyal followers may not latch on to the newcomers with the same passion. Hassan Whiteside and Goran Dragic seem like locks to stay with the Heat. The rest of the team have been good soldiers, so letting any of them go is never easy.

The Heat will be committed to paying the #10 draft pick $2 million in 2015, which is more than the minimum veteran salary of $1.5 million of a player like Carlos Boozer. Essentially the Heat will have a high-priced starting four supported by low-paid help. Because of that the 2015 picks may need to contribute to the team's success sooner rather than later.

Experts debate on whether the Heat should pick for talent or need. Depending on availability, have your say on who would help the Heat next season.