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Dwyane Wade is going to meet with Pat Riley about his options

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An updated look at the Dwyane Wade situation along with other news that is all connected to the situation.

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Dwyane Wade & Pat Riley

According to Brian Windhorst and Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat are planning to meet next week to address his contract issues and attempt to reach a solution for Wade to remain in Miami.

Wade has until July 1st to decide on whether he's going to opt in for next season. He will either earn $16.1 million or become a free agent. While Miami would prefer he opt in to give them flexibility, Wade prefers to finally get paid for all the financial sacrifices he's made for the team over the years.

While D-Wade does have a desire to stay with Miami, he has options for teams he could play for next season. Since the NBA Finals, he has been connected to Cleveland to possibly reunite with LeBron, and more recently, there has been talk also been talk of him playing with Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers.

Chris Andersen & Mario Chalmers

The Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel are both reporting that Miami is shopping Chris Andersen and Mario Chalmers, in order to make space for Wade's salary this season. Bird and Rio are free agents in 2016, but make a combined $9.3 million next season. This past season Chalmers had a career year and Andersen became a vital part of the power rotation once Chris Bosh was out. So why trade both of them?

As a result of trading both, Miami could possibly replace each of them in the 2015 NBA Draft. Many mock drafts have the Heat connected to shooter Devin Booker with the tenth pick (he would take Rio's minutes) and Miami could draft a a big man in the second round to replace Andersen.

Goran Dragic

I wrote the other day of how Miami is offering Goran Dragic less than the max. While there is a strong chance Dragic will decline the offer in order for Miami to raise the money past $80 million, I'm assuming Miami is offering this deal for 2016 flexibility and for Wade's contract to fit in with the salary cap.

So to conclude, every thing you've read today has to do with Miami's ability to keep Dwyane Wade until he retires.