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Heat take guard Josh Richardson with second round pick

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After selecting Justise Winslow in the first round, the Miami Heat took a shooting guard, Josh Richardson from Tennessee.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat wrapped up their draft night by selecting Josh Richardson with the 40th pick.

Josh Richardson is a 21 year old, 6'6, 200 lbs. shooting guard from Tennessee. He averaged 16 PPG, 4.5 RPG, and 3.6 APG last year. He was also a 1st team All-Defense as a senior.

Miami decided to stay small and get another wing player that can help be a young asset to the team. With some of the bigs off the board, the Heat grabbed two players who will make them better.

Richardson is a defensive specialist, but also played a bit of point guard last year. He's got to work on his frame, but he has great speed both with and without the ball. He's not a great shooter, especially from deep, but he has improved, and will need to keep that trend.

Likely, Richardson will spend time playing for the Heat Summer League team and then the Heat will decide what they want to do with Richardson.

As a second round pick, Miami does not have to sign Richardson to a contract if they do not want to do so.