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Josh Richardson speaks about Heat, Draft and Summer League

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Josh Richardson took some time to talk to Heat media after Draft night. Here's part of the transcript.

Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat second round pick Josh Richardson spoke to a handful media members the other day after getting drafted. Here's highlights from the conversation.

On getting drafted by the Miami Heat at #40: "I was excited, Miami is a great and my family started freaking out"

On whether he worked out with the heat before the draft: "I worked out with them one time and spoke to Coach Riley and Coach Spoelstra for 30 minutes afterwards"

On how he see's himself fitting in with Miami: "I just know the way Miami likes to play defense. They like to guard and get into people and I fit that mold. Also, being able to learn from someone like Dwyane Wade is huge. I think I can come in to provide some great defense and knock down some open shots."

How have you prepared for the grind of Summer League ball?: "I've just been trying to stay in the best shape that I can. Staying in the gym, weight room and keeping my conditioning right."

On the next step: "I'm supposed to report to Miami on Sunday and from there, I do whatever they tell me to do. So I'll just go with the flow and see what happens."

On how his stock rose up from the end of his college season up until draft night: "It was the process of being in the gym everyday and try to fix my weaknesses. Teams got me into their gym and evaluated me even closer because I wasn't able to attend the combine."

On his three point stroke, which is now a strength of his game: "It was a matter of being in the gym everyday . It hasn't been easy at all but I think I can be a solid shooter at the NBA level.

On how he can elevate his game further and prepare for next season: "I have to be able to knock down open shots.I have play making ability and I think I'm a great defender. I think I can bring some good things to the team and if I could knock down the open shot, that would be even better."

On how he was able to get on many teams radar in the days leading up to the NBA Draft: "I think it was because of how hard I compete, how well I defend and how much of an improvement I've made since college. I'm a way better shooter from when i was in college."

On how his transition to becoming a point guard helped his draft profile: "I think it showed my versatility on the court. I've had the ball in my hands when it came down to a lot of close shots and I was able to make quick decisions."

Expectations heading into draft night: "It was just a waiting game and once I got drafted I had to figure how I was going to get to Miami and what I'd do and where I'd stay once there.

Richardson, 22, was the Heat's second round pick. His strength is his defense and ability to both guard positions at 6-foot-6. Like Justise Winslow, Richardson will also be a part of the Heat's Summer League roster, along with James Ennis, Tyler Johnson, Shabazz Napier and plenty of other roster hopefuls. His role next season (if he isn't sent to the D-League to develop) will be a part of the backcourt rotation for Miami.