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Report: Heat interested in JJ Barea

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As free agency begins Wednesday, we now have a report that the Miami Heat are interested in point guard JJ Barea.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This probably isn't the most overwhelming news to start Miami Heat free agency, but it is the first. ESPN Dallas reporter Tim MacMahon has stated that the Heat have interest in adding JJ Barea.

Barea is a 31 year old point guard listed a 6'0, but in all reality is probably 5'9 (and I am being generous there). Barea has been with the Dallas Mavericks for the first five years of his career, then 3 in Minnesota, and last season again with Dallas. But you will probably remember him best from the defensive effort he had on LeBron James as the Mavericks beat the Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals. LeBron seemingly forgot how to post up the young buck on switches.

The pairing seems a bit odd because the Heat will likely have Goran Dragic, Mario Chalmers and Shabazz Napier lined up in the point guard depth chart this season. Unlike most people on the Heat's roster, Barea is not a multiple position player.

Last year, Barea avergaed 7.5 PPG in only 17.7 MPG. He can score the ball, no doubt. He's even averaged double figures off the bench in two different seasons. But does he fit will be the question? Barea has shot under 35% from three in the past three seasons -- that's not ideal to stretch the floor.

And probably more of a question will be is he worth $3 million/year from the Heat knowing there are other needs? I doubt this is a pairing that takes place, but nonetheless we report what we know. The Heat still need to find enough money for Dwyane Wade, and they should look for better options to use their MLE.

Free agency begins with negotiations on July 1.