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10 years later where are the 2004-05 Miami Heat?

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One of the best regular seasons in franchise history belongs to them. Where are they now?

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

It was a disappointing ending to the playoffs for the 2004-05 Miami Heat team as they lost at home to the Detroit Pistons in Game 7 of the Easter Conference Finals. One that could have been a lot different if the Heat's star player were healthy.

After that loss, the team was dismantled, but rebuilt by Heat President Pat Riley, bringing in new faces which led to a championship the following season. The 2004-05 Heat went 59-23.

So...ten years later, where are these guys and what are they doing?

Dwyane Wade
Not much needed here...he's still with the Miami Heat (as we speak). Since then, in the last ten years Wade has won three NBA championships, a scoring title and as cemented his place as the best player in franchise history. This was only Wade's second year in the NBA.

Udonis Haslem
He's stayed with the team through thick and thin. Haslem has routinely taken paycuts to stay with his home town, and is beloved in South Florida. Haslem is still on the roster if you didn't know.

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaq was a NBA MVP candidate that year, finishing second to Steve Nash. After he won the title in 2006, he wore out his welcome in Miami, drifted to a few teams and now Shaq works for Turner Sports. Shaq works alongside the crew on TNT covering NBA games.

Alonzo Mourning
Alonzo stuck around a few more years and then easily transitioned to a training role with the team. Alonzo now works alongside Riley and others in player development. Perhaps no former player is as respected and loved as Mourning.

Steve Smith
His second stint with the Heat ended here. Smith retired, but now he works with NBATV and Turner Sports talking about the NBA as an analyst. Smith is pretty good at that also.

Christian Laettner
Yea, he was on that team, too. But likewise, this was also his last season. Laettner was forgotten about until ESPN did a 30for30 on him and his days at Duke. Laettner lives comfortably in Florida now with his wife and kids. He's got enough money in a few places to keep him happy. He also runs the Christian Laettner Basketball Academy in Jacksonville and Buffalo.

Eddie Jones
Poor Eddie Jones. You remember how this played out, right? Jones was traded the following season to bring in the new crew. He missed the championship. Then the Heat acquired him the following season and they lost in the first round. He played until 2008. Jones is 43 now and lives a retired life with his wife and kids.

Keyon Dooling
He was the energetic backup point guard that was exciting to watch. Dooling played in the NBA until 2013. Now he is a life coach in the NBA (I think I know what that is) an also for the NBDL. And he has his own record label called KD55. Ever heard or D-Tropp or D-Flow?

Damon Jones
OK, when I say that you probably just remember that time LeBron dunked on him. I mean that's what I think. But he played an important role spreading the floor for Shaq. After this season, he got a fat contract he didn't live up to for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jones, well is now an assistant coach for the Cavs as a shooting specialist.

Michael Doleac
Doleac was the third string behind Shaq and Zo. He won the title with the team in 2006 and he retired in 2008. In 2009, Doleac became a graduate manager for the University of Utah men's basketball team. At Utah, he will also pursue his goal of becoming a doctor. Currently, Doleac is doing on the job training at Park City High School to become a teacher there.

Rasual Butler
He was young then and didn't play much. Now, Butler is still in the NBA and has moved around but been respected as a great shooter in the NBA. That's great for a second round pick. He played for the Washington Wizards last season.

Dorrell Wright
Wright was one of Wade's best friends but he only played 3 games that season. Wright has had a successful career in the NBA, and has blossomed while with the Portland Trail Blazers where he still plays.

Shandon Anderson
Anderson won the title the next year with the Heat and then retired. I have no idea what he does or where he is now. Do you?

Qyntel Woods
He didn't play much for the team, only 3 games and no playoff appearances. And he was traded the following season. Now, at age 34, he plays professional basketball in Poland.

Wang ZhiZhi
Yes, we love Wang. He now plays in the CBA (China) for the Bayi Rockets.

There you have it.