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Hassan Whiteside surprises his biggest fan at graduation

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Heat big man, Hassan Whiteside surprises fan battling Hodgkin's lymphoma at his graduation, offering words of support and advice.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade wasn't the only Miami Heat player attending graduations this week, as Hassan Whiteside made an effort to surprise Devin Gantzios, a student at the School for Advanced Studies at his graduation at Adrianne Arsht Center.

Gantzios is currently battling Hodgkin's lymphoma, yet appears strong and positive. Upon visiting, Whiteside offered words of advice saying:

"Just keep fighting man, just stay positive every day, just keep a good attitude."

Gantzios considers Whiteside his favorite player, and it seems as that really resonated with the Heat center as he appeared emotional in the video saying:

"When somebody says you're their favorite player, it really pays off, it's just humbling."

It's great to see Whiteside getting involved in the Miami community as he continues to mature as a player and a person.

Devin faces a tough road ahead as he continues his battle with Hodjkin's disease and should know that Heat-Nation is behind him one hundred percent.

To view the full Heat production click here.