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Report: Goran Dragic will sign with the Miami Heat for five years

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According to multiple reports, Goran Dragic is staying!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was quick and painless. On the first day of Free Agency, the Miami Heat are keeping an important piece. Yahoo! reported it first, which was then quickly followed by Marc Stein of ESPN

All along, its been known that Dragic was less likely to leave Miami for anyone else, citing his interest in staying with Miami and the significant importance of the fifth year advantage Miami has over any other team.

Interesting to say that Dragic didn't take the max $110 million because the latest rumor is he taking less in order to financially fit in Dwyane Wade.

This week Miami had three potential free agents, and quickly the Heat have taken care of two. Luol Deng opted in at $10.2 million for next year and Dragic has agreed to stay.

Guess who's next? That's right. The most important piece of them all.

UPDATE: Statement from Pat Riley

Miami HEAT President of Basketball Operations Pat Riley announced today that the team has been engaged in negotiations with free agent guard Goran Dragic and intends to re-sign him to a player contract at the conclusion of the NBA Moratorium Period.