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Report: J.J. Barea leaning towards taking a deal with the Heat

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The addition of Barea would mean the likely departure of Mario Chalmers.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You have no choice but to forgive JJ Barea for his role in the 2011 NBA Finals....because he might be coming to play for the Miami Heat. According to David Aldridge of TNT:

We reported of previous interest from Miami, but that was among a handful of teams. This time Barea looks to have singled out Miami as his destination.

Barea is a very short point guard who is known to Heat fans for his positive impact in the Finals victory with the Dallas Mavericks, where he contributed 40 points in the final three games of the series and even played some effective defense against LeBron James. If the Heat were to actually add Barea to the roster with it's $3.3 million exception, he would most likely be to backup newly signed Goran Dragic, while being part of a backcourt rotation of Dwyane Wade, Dragic & Shabazz Napier, Tyler Johnson and second round pick Josh Richardson.

You noticed how I left out Mario Chalmers right? The addition of Barea might also mean that a Chalmers trade is likely, so Miami can create some more cap room to possibly help pay Wade a one-year max deal of $23.5 million or a multi-year deal for less annual salary.

The Heat may also decide to trade Josh McRoberts or Chris "Birdman" Andersen in the coming days so the team can pay Wade while avoiding a hefty luxury tax bill.