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Chris Bosh confident Heat will be very competitive

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The Miami Heat have made some major changes this offseason, and have become a better team as a result. Chris Bosh definitely is buying in, and in an interview with Sirius XM's Bleacher Report Radio he made his thoughts known on how the Heat could compete for a title.

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The Miami Heat have evolved over the offseason. With veteran additions in Gerald Green and Amar'e Stoudemire to bolster their bench, and young talent in Justise Winslow the Heat seem to be adding depth to their roster and appear on paper to be an extremely dangerous team. As a result of that, there is an overwhelming sense of positivity among Heat-Nation, and it seems as if the players are feeling it as well.

In an interview on Sirius XM's Bleacher Report Radio, Chris Bosh expressed how good he thinks this Miami Heat team is saying:
"I think we’re going to have a good team," "We’re still filling in some holes and making sure we’re solid in our bench area. We have everything: we have experience, we have size, we have the ability to go small. It’s all about making sure we’re playing as a team."
Bosh's return to a more familiar role also came to into question with the mention of Hassan Whiteside, with Bosh responding:

"I’m looking forward to it, but the game has changed quite a bit and my position almost doesn’t exist anymore," said Bosh, who then added, "At the four, bigger guys could guard me and I could go out and shoot jumpers. Now, every four does that. It’s not as unique as it used to be."

Bosh also commented on the DeAndre Jordan situation, as well as Tim Duncan, but what was really interesting were his thoughts on his recent illness, and how it effected him mentally saying:

"It was really humbling to me," "All I could think about when I had tubes in my chest was that I had been complaining for a certain amount of time about playing basketball. I felt so bad, and that was when I wasn’t sure I was going to get to play the game again."

Chris Bosh has obviously been through a lot since All-Star break, and it's reassuring to see his excitement about this new Heat team. The offseason isn't over so there is still a chance for Miami to fill the "holes' with other talent, but at this moment in time all buzz surrounding the Miami Heat is completely justified.