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Udonis Haslem calls Kevin Garnett a 'Fake Tough Guy'

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It's always good to throw rice at a wedding.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The definition of an instigator according to Webster is: "a person who brings about or initiates something." If Webster decided to put pictures next to words instead of definitions, this is where a profile picture of Kevin Garnett will show up.

Throughout the years, Garnett has had countless examples..and videos..of him trying to get under peoples skin. The pushing and in your face smack talking would be followed by....well...nothing at all. That's who KG is and will always be remembered for. The guy who tries to get under your skin, but the second you run at him, he'll run away. He'll push you when no ones looking then look at the refs when you push him back. He's the guy who who yells at his teammate to hold him back when no one is actually holding him back. When you search "Kevin Garnett fight" on YouTube, he has mixes dedicated to his trash talking history.

There's also people that don't try to get under your skin. The athletes who are seen as enforcers. The one's who don't talk because they rather let their eyes and possibly even knuckles do the talking. They stare you down and wait for you to attempt something stupid. Udonis Haslem is one of these people. KG takes cheap shots at Carmelo Anthony's wifeCharlie Villanueva's image, and even at Ray Allen for leaving.  UD on the other hand, eye balls David Westhacks Tyler Hansbrough, and dares Lance Stephenson to try anything.

Haslem understands the soft portrayal of a character that Garnett is and that's why UD calls these type of guys "Studio." The term means people who appear to be one way in front of a camera and act completely different behind the scenes. Haslem said this about Garnett a few days back

If I have to pick one of the 2 to be on my team, I wouldn't hesitate in picking Udonis, even though Garnett is the better player. Udonis is the big brother you want. Garnett is the loud mouth cousin you roll your eyes about.