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Report: Mike Miller has interest in a return to Miami

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The Miami Heat are one team that Mike Miller would like to join.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers traded Mike Miller along with the expiring contract of Brendan Haywood to the Portland Trailblazers to unload salary. Both of them are expected to be released.

Now, according to a source, The Miami Heat along with the Memphis Grizzlies are both teams that Miller has interest in.

Miller was amnestied by the Heat after the 2013 season which resulted in a NBA title. That move really upset LeBron James because he thought it was unnecessary. The move was a money saving move, and although they made it to the Finals in 2014, the lost this time around -- whether Mike Miller would have changed that, doubtful.

Regardless of what has happened in the past, the possibility of Mike Miller joining the Heat is a bit perplexing. The Heat have Dwyane Wade, Gerald Green, Luol Deng and Justise Winslow at depth in SG and SF positions. That's before mentioning James Ennis, Zoran Dragic, Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson -- whom all fit into the equation somewhere. Let alone, the Heat just traded away Shabazz Napier for essentially nothing to free up a roster space.

This doesn't mean it's not impossible. The Heat could trade Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen for Mike Miller if Portland were interested in that, but I'm not sure that improves the Heat.

In fact, I am not sure the Heat have a mutual interest in Mike Miller. He had a subpar season, and didn't contribute much in the playoffs. Even James Jones moved ahead of Miller in the rotation at Cleveland.

Last season, Miller only averaged 2.1 PPG in 13.5 MPG and only appeared in 52 games.

Maybe Memphis is the better option for Mike.