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LeBron James does Q&A on Twitter, gives shout out to Wade, Bosh and Heat fans

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LeBron James answered fan questions on Twitter and showed some love to his Miami Heat fans.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James took to Twitter Tuesday night to answer some questions fans threw his way.

Along with the usual promise to Cleveland Cavaliers fans that he's striving to bring them their first ever championship along with playing coy as to whether or not he'll star in a sequel to Space Jam, he also answered several Miami Heat related questions.

Though he declined to list Miami as one of his favorite cities to play in, he does mention the Heat as one of the tougher teams he has to play against. The Cavaliers and the Heat split their regular season series 2-2, with the home team winning each game.

He also listed former Heat teammates Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen as some of his favorite players to play with and included Wade as one of his three best friends in the NBA.

James also recalls just how short of a work commute he used to have in Miami, which he did a few times with his bike.

He also made sure to acknowledge Heat fans, something that Heat Nation has felt he hasn't done nearly as much as he should have since he left the team after four consecutive Finals appearances.