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Amar'e Stoudemire took biggest pay cut of the NBA offseason to join Heat

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And the biggest pay cut of the 2015 offseason goes to...

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Remember when David West was praised for taking a big pay cut to join a championship contender?

Fans spent days talking endlessly about the value of winning for a veteran who's never been a part of the NBA Finals. Well the numbers are out via Hoops Rumors, and it turns out West was actually No. 3 in terms of players who took the biggest pay cut this off-season.

Turns out Amar'e Stoudemire took the biggest pay cut of the NBA off season to join the Miami Heat. The six-time NBA All-Star will make nearly $20 MILLION less next season after signing with the Heat for the veteran’s minimum. Yes, this is the same Stoudemire that signed a five-year $100 million deal In the summer of 2010, so he clearly has no pressing need for money right now, but still represents an exact sum of $19,718,677 less just for the chance to contend among the best teams should be noted as a financial sacrifice.

Due to injury, Stoudemire has disappointed over the years considering the financial investment for the New York Knicks but now with veteran's minimum on the Miami roster, he will only be asked to be an offensive spark off the bench and even that will be in the middle of a big bench rotation of Chris Andersen, Josh McRoberts and Udonis Haslem. So not too much pressure.

Before his knee injuries, Stoudemire also thrived under the "7-seconds-or-less" offensive system in Phoenix led by Steve Nash, a mentor of current point guard Goran Dragic. With Miami playing at faster pace next season, expect Stoudemire to do well, especially around offensive pick and rolls and when defenses break down from Dragic's relentless attack to the basket.

Alongside Gerald Green, who also took the minimum, don't be surprised if these two end up being the biggest free agent steals next season.