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Heat making a pitch for David West (Update: Spurs will sign him)

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David West opted out of his contract with the Indiana Pacers, and now the Miami Heat are linked to interest with him.

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David West decided not to opt-in to his $12+ million contract with the Indiana Pacers because he didn't think they would be contenders. West wants to spend his final years playing for a championship, something he has never done.

Update: David West has signed with the San Antonio Spurs

Although the Spurs, Cavaliers, and Wizards have had interest with him, now the Miami Heat are looking to get in the game. Dan LeBatard first reported some interest, and now Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is confirming the Heat's part in this, although we aren't certain if David West has the same feelings.

The Heat have other needs, but Pat Riley is always looking for the best available asset and David West is among that among the remaining free agents.

David West has had his battles with the Heat, and has been very vocal about them during his time with the Pacers. But without LeBron, those feelings likely aren't around. And West could be a valuable piece for the Heat. Miami has also thought to have interest in Carlos Boozer, who plays a similar style to West on offense.

There's two issues that come to mind with this.

The first is that West clearly wants to play for a team that has an honest shot at the Finals. Although I would love to say the Heat are that, they are clearly behind Cleveland, and I wouldn't say they are clearly ahead of anyone else in the East. If healthy, the Heat are a great shot at being #2 in the East, but we can't be certain that they will be healthy. Washington and Chicago are right there even with Miami.

The other suitors: San Antonio or even Golden State can be much more appealing.

Secondly, the Heat rotation should be considered. Miami has a core of Hassan Whiteside, Chris Bosh, Chris Andersen and Josh McRoberts as well as Udonis Haslem. Unless the Heat make some type of trade, one of those players or more are going to be unfairly sat due to West. Is West more productive that Haslem, sure. But we've made an investment in McRoberts, and Whiteside and Bosh are going to play.

It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense from the roster stand point.

Regardless, the Heat are once again interested. Let's see how this plays out.

Update: David West has signed with the San Antonio Spurs