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Report: Heat open talks with Clippers for Jamal Crawford

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The Miami Heat have reached out to the L.A. Clippers about what it would take to acquire Jamal Crawford.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat are looking at all possibilities when it comes to making their team better. After reports of interest with both LaMarcus Aldridge and David West, now the Heat have interest in Jamal Crawford.

The only problem is that Crawford is not a free agent.

Jamal Crawford is shooting guard with the L.A. Clippers, and the Heat have opened talks with the Clippers about what it would take to get their hands on him. Crawford would be an immensely valuable piece for the Heat if they can get him. He would provide instant scoring off the bench, and be able to fill a void when Dwyane Wade misses any games.

Crawford has an expiring contract as well, meaning that he will be a free agent next summer, which plays perfectly into Pat Riley's plan for flexible spending next summer. It's not question that Crawford would be a good addition to the team, in fact LeBron James wanted Crawford on the team in 2011 free agency.

But the question is how do the Heat get him. So here are some options.

-- Jamal Crawford will make $5.67 million next season --

#1 Trade Josh McRoberts for Jamal Crawford
This works financially. It rids the Heat of McRoberts contract as well moving down the line. It thins up the Heat's power rotation, but with Willie Reed in Summer League, the Heat could just use him.

#2 Trade Mario Chalmers and Henry Walker for Jamal Crawford
This works financially, and it could be something the Clippers are interested in. Chalmers can be a piece off the bench, and Walker as a non-guaranteed deal so they can simply just cut him with no penalties.

#3 Trade Udonis Haslem and Zoran Dragic for Jamal Crawford
This seems unlikely for both sides. Clippers wouldn't be getting much in return and even though this is great for Miami, trading away Udonis Haslem is never going to be a popular decision.

#4 Trade Chris Andersen for Jamal Crawford
This could be something that the Clippers have interest in. Andersen also has a one year deal and he could help fill the void that was just left by DeAndre Jordan. This wouldn't be an even trade, but could be something the Heat throw in a pick and make it happen.

So what do you think? Is this a possibility and do the Heat pull the trigger if they can?

*Side Note: I am not a salary cap expert. So in the event that the expected signings on July 9 eliminate one of these possibilities, then I apologize.